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7 Key Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

By KeeVurds Desk

Small businesses can have difficulty accessing capital, such as loans and grants. This makes it difficult to start and scale the business.

Accessing Capital

Small businesses mostly have less brand awareness as compared to large businesses. This makes it hard to grow and scale.

Brand Awareness

In usual cases, it is difficult for small businesses to keep up with the changing trends. This makes them a bit weaker competitor.

Changing Technology

Because large businesses can provide more benefits, it becomes hard for small businesses to hire and retain great talent.

Hiring & Retaining

Having limited resources makes it difficult for small businesses to comply with local and international regulations.


Small businesses often have limited resources, such as time, money, and staff. This makes it difficult for them to compete with competitors.

Limited Resources

A small business is more vulnerable to risks because they have fewer resources to fall back to in an event of a setback such as recession.

Managing Risk