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Best Ways to Get Your Startup Funded

By KeeVurds Team

Through crowdfunding you can raise money from a large number of people in exchange of some equity in your startup or some reward.


Indian government offers various grants and other financial assistance to startups. You can check your local authorities for details.

Government Schemes

Angel investors are individuals who invest in startups in exchange for equity. Show your startup's potential to get funding.

Angel Investors

Venture capitalists are firms that invest in startups in exchange for equity. They mainly invest in startups that can be scaled rapidly.

Venture Capitalists

Strategic partners can provide funding, as well as other resources and expertise, to your startup. Be cautious while dealing with anyone.

Strategic Partners

Bank loans can be a good option for startups. A number of Indian banks provide special schemes for startups to get loans easily.

Bank Loans

Bootstrapping means to use your own resources and money to run a startup and make it profitable. It is not an easy process but rewarding.