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FTC Has Sued Bankrupt Crypto Company Voyager’s CEO

By KeeVurds Team

Federal Trade Commission has settled with the company named Voyager and banned it from working with any user in future.

What Is The Issue?

Along with the settlement, FTC also sued Voyager, bankrupt crypto company's founder on false claims made by him.

Sued The Owner

The former CEO, Stephen Ehrlich had made claim to Voyager's users that all the user accounts were FDIC insured.

What Were The Claims?

No, FDIC doesn't insure crypto assets at all and thus FTC sued bankrupt crypto company's CEO Stephen Ehrlich for his false claims.

Were They FDIC Insured?

Voyager had filed bankruptcy in July 2022 and now got fined  $1.65 Billion which later got suspended to pay back the users.

About Voyager

Crypto markets have seen a number of scams in the past few days and thus the agencies are very strict with companies these days.

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