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Here Are The Top Businesses Backed & Owned By Virat Kohli

By KeeVurds Team

Images Source: Instagram & Brand Sites

Virat Kohli is an Indian International Cricketer and one of the most followed person on social media. Read further to know about his businesses & investments.

A clothing and accessory brand co-created by Virat Kohli. The brand sells Tshirts, Shirts, Denims, etc.


Virat Kohli launched Chisel, a chain of gym and fitness centers in association with Franchise India in Mumbai in 2015.

Chisel Fitness

One8 is a brand based on the number of his jersey which is 18. It provides sportswear, footwear, fragrances & more.


One8 Commune is the master franchise of Virat's restaurant chain which has a number of restaurants throughout India.

One8 Commune

Nueva is a south-american restaurant tha Virat Kohli opened in Delhi and serves a number of cuisines.


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma invested in Digit Insurance a few years back. Virat is also a brand ambassador for the company.

Digit Insurance

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