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Simple And Easy Steps to Create Your Own WhatsApp Channel

By KeeVurds Team

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature named as 'Channels' that will allow creators to share updates with their subscribers on a regular basis.

You just need a Whatsapp Account with the latest version to create a Channel.Β  Read further to create your own Whatsapp channel in simple and easy steps.


Open your WhatsApp App andΒ go to the 'Updates tab.

Step 1

Tap on the Plus Icon and then choose 'Create Channel' Option

Step 2

Click on 'Continue' and complete the on-boarding process

Step 3

Add a Channel Name to complete the process to create your channel.

Step 4

You can customize your channel by adding a profile icon and a channel description.

Step 5

By tapping on your Channel Name, you can find the channel link that can be shared.

Step 6

WhatsApp is still rolling out the updates and not everyone will find the option to create a channel in their application.