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Humane's Ai Pin: The Wearable That Could Replace Smartphones

By KeeVurds Desk

Humane, a San Francisco-based AI startup, has unveiled its first product: the Ai Pin, designed to replace smartphones

What is Pin Ai

The Ai Pin offers various features like projector, RGB camera, ability to send texts, and other AI-based capabilities.

Features of Ai Pin

The Ai Pin is powered by a Snapdragon SoC and runs AI models from OpenAI and Microsoft. It also has a 13MP camera.

Other Details of Ai Pin

The AI Pin is designed to be a casual, everyday accessory. It's available in three colors and weighs just 34 grams.

Purpose of The Device

You can tap on the device to project a Laser Ink Display onto your palm. Roll your hands to navigate and pinch zoom to select items.

How to Use Ai Pin

The AI Pin is more convenient and less bulky than smartphones. It also offers a variety of AI-powered features

Is It Helpful?

Humane’s Ai Pin costs $699 for the device and two battery boosters. You can pay additional $24/month for more features.

Cost of Ai Pin