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Top 10 Profitable Businesses In India

By KeeVurds Team

Cloud kitchens are commercial kitchens that prepare food for delivery to customers. They are a popular business in India

Cloud Kitchen

Online education is another growing industry in India. A business can be set up providing online courses and tutoring services

Online Education

Entrepreneurs can start businesses in a variety of healthcare sectors, Β such as telemedicine, diagnostics, and manufacturing.


E-commerce is another booming industry in India. With the increasing number of internet users, more and more people are shopping online.


Real estate is a traditional but still profitable business in India. A number of fields are there for business like brokerage, marketing, etc.

Real Estate

The Government of India is pushing for more sustainable resources and thus a growing need is there for startups in this niche.

Renewable Energy

Travel and Tourism is a growing sector in India and businesses can be started in fields like tour guides, transportation, hospitality, and more.

Travel and Tourism

As the number of businesses is growing, the demand for marketing agencies to help them with growth is also increasing.

Digital Marketing

With the growing usage of tech products by people in India, there is a huge demand of custom software development services.

Software Development

Indian people love tasty and delicious food and it is an ever-growing market for startups and businesses to start working.

Food and Beverage