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Top Business Ideas for Indian Housewives

By KeeVurds Desk


Working on a blog is one of the best things that you can invest your time in. Publish articles, build an audience, and monetize it to earn money.

Day-Care Centers

Running a day-care center can be a lucrative business ideas for housewives. If you have extra time on your hands, you can ask your friends who work full-time jobs to drop their kids at your house.


If you are someone who likes to read, is good with basic math, and can  be a medium of learning for young children as well as high school  students, you should consider starting a tutoring business.

Home Beauty Parlors

If you are someone who knows how to dye and cut hair, apply face  treatments, shape eyebrows, etc., you can start your home beauty parlor  business. A few more people can be hired for more services.

Catering/Tiffin Service

If you are someone who has received constant praise from family members  and guests about your cooking, you can think of starting a small catering or tiffin service right from your home.

Sell Handicrafts From Home

The handicraft business is booming right now. If arts and crafts is a passion of yours, you can start building and selling handicraft items by opening an ecommerce store.

Interior Designing

Interior designing is an amazing and profitable business. If you like to decorate other people’s homes and cherish happy smiles on their faces when they see results, you should definitely start an interior design firm.

Open a Bakery

If you are passionate about baking, and your cakes and designs always receive praise at home, why let your talent remain hidden from the world? One of the best businesses for Indian housewives is opening a bakery.