Business Ideas

Top Business Opportunities In Bihar

By KeeVurds Desk

Bihar is a land of opportunities with a young and growing population making it one of the best places to start a business. Read further to find best business ideas for Bihar.

Transport Business

Opening a transport service company is one of the great business  opportunities in Bihar. Start with whatever vehicles you have and give them on rent.

Tailoring Shop

Opening a tailoring shop is a low investment business in Bihar. A sewing machine is all you need to start with. Stitch the garments that you get, and sew with your efforts or hire help, if possible.

Panipuri Stall

People love panipuri throughout India, and any street in Bihar is a rich place to open a stall that sells panipuri. One of the most popular and profitable low investment businesses.

Xerox And Printing Shop

Students, office workers, and any ordinary people require the services  of xerox and printing machines. So opening a xerox and printing store,  is a smart business to start in Bihar.

Tutoring Services

This is one of the top businesses to start in Bihar. If you can not provide offline, real-world tutoring services,  there is always the opportunity to open a tutoring service online.

Fish Cultivation

The aquaculture industry is a flourishing business opportunity in Bihar.  You get to enjoy incentives from the state government – 50% of the  capital – to create ponds.

Computer Education Center

Opening a computer education center is a great business to start with low investment. You are contributing to the technological  education and growth of Bihar as well.