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What Happened to AI Kavach After Shark Tank India

By KeeVurds Desk

AI Kavach aims to provide a secure AI-based solution to help people fight online fraud and cyber crimes with the use of AI.

About AI Kavach

Pratyusha Vemuri and Girish Nagavarapu are the founders of AI Kavach.

Who Is The Founder?

The founder demanded INR 50 lakhs for 1.25% equity at a valuation of INR 40 crores.

Founder's Ask

Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal invested in AI Kavach total INR 1 crore.

Which Shark Invested?

They both invested INR 1 Crore for 2.5% equity and 2.5% Advisory Equity

How Much Investment?

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