Cosmix - Natural Plant-Based Supplement Brand

Cosmix – Natural Plant-Based Supplement Brand

Superfoods in their natural forms are here for years. They have been tried and tested by indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

Superfoods are mainly nutrition-dense foods that have one or the other health benefit. These benefits can include boosting immunity, remove stress, detoxifying the body in a natural way to remove harmful substances.

With the advancement in technology and ease of accessibility, there are a lot of companies that have come up with different plant-based superfoods. They work on different aspects to boost the natural immune power and improve health.

In this Brand Story, we are covering the story behind Cosmix, one such natural plant-based supplement brand. We will go through their journey right from the idea to their execution. So, let’s get started:

About Cosmix

Cosmix is a natural plant-based supplement brand that taps into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the modern perspective of Western Herbalism to offer solutions for holistic health.

Each mix is mindfully crafted, not to magically make a problem disappear, but to offer people the right kind of nudge and support in setting on a journey towards healing and becoming optimal versions of ourselves.

They believe that all systems within our body are interconnected – whether it’s mental well-being, hormonal balance, gut health, or skin, and hair health. What shows on the outside is a symptom of what is going on inside the body. And as such, they seek to help people achieve that balance between their internal and external health.

And they do all this, without resorting to toxic marketing tactics. Holistic nutrition is an important part of what they do. To this end, Cosmix also has an impacted program called the Cosmix Mission Against Malnutrition, where they work with anganwadis and The Spirulina Foundation to create CFTRI-approved spirulina superfood bars for the malnourished children in rural Karnataka.

Cosmix’s impact program is integrated into their supply chain, ensuring that not only do the children always have access to the best quality superfoods, but also that the program grows as the brand grows.

πŸ“Œ Their Mission: To tap into the power of plant-based superfoods to enable optimal health in all areas of life for the everyday individual.

⭐ Their Vision: To nourish and empower individuals across all age, social and economic groups.

🏷️ Their Tagline: We care about what’s on the inside.

Cosmix’s Founders And Their Team


Vibha Harish - Founder Cosmix

Vibha Harish is a 26-year-old entrepreneur and the founder of Cosmix – one of India’s leading superfood supplements brands. She kickstarted her career at what most would consider a dream job – Rolls Royce.

But, all that changed when she was diagnosed with PCOS, and the search for a holistic, natural alternative proved futile. Her own need for a solution that was both easy and empowering led her to form Cosmix.

Although hailing from an industrial engineering background, Vibha’s passion and expertise in the field of wellness combined with her strong manufacturing and supply chain know-how steered her in the direction of bootstrapping her own startup.

Today, as it stands, Cosmix is not only a thriving startup with women at the lead in all aspects, but also revolutionizing the very approach and language in the wellness industry.

Vibha works closely with formulators, researchers, and herbalists across the world to develop plant-based mixes using the highest quality super-herbs, super-mushrooms, and adaptogens to take care of almost every aspect of our health right from skin and hair to gut and immunity to sleep and stress levels.

Her vision is to make optimal holistic health via superfoods a reality for ALL.

She is supported in her endeavors by her partner and COO Soorya Jagadish and a young, enterprising, and dynamic all-girls team hailing from across the country – from Mumbai to Goa to Kochi.

The team comprises women from different backgrounds and walks of life – but sharing a singular vision of rewriting the rules and language around wellness, beauty standards, and taking care of ourselves.

Cosmix’s Story And How It All Started

A few years ago, the founder was diagnosed with PCOS. Up until that moment, she didn’t really care much about her own health. But after PCOS, her health became her top priority.

She was looking for solutions in the market, and all she found was toxic marketing that preyed on people’s insecurities and only ended up doing more harm than good. It was her mother – a homeopathic doctor – who advised her to treat herself with discipline and natural care. Along this journey, She learned so much about natural care and holistic health.

She felt it only fair to share all this with individuals who were experiencing similar challenges with their health. And that’s how in 2020, Cosmix was born.

Major Challenges Faced During Their Initial Stage

The team launched Cosmix right on the heels of the pandemic, and were completely out of their depths for handling this!

However, despite the uncertainty of the time, their business grew and their audiences really took to the products. With this came major operational challenges of meeting with the demand and smooth & timely logistics in a time where even the supply chain was facing challenges of its own due to the lockdowns.

How The Platform Works?

Cosmix’s website is their primary touchpoint for consumers who want to order natural plant-based superfoods. Anyone can visit the website and go through the product catalog to check all the major products provided by Cosmix.

After selecting the right product, people can place an order on the website itself. The company has a robust customer support team that offers recommendations and expert guidance in real-time.

πŸ“Š Their Business Model: Cosmix follows the D2C model that is when the manufacturer/producer sells its products/produce directly to consumers from their web store.

πŸ’° Revenue Generation: Cosmix is an independent, non-funded lean startup. Their sales are the source of revenue generation.

πŸ† Their Future Plans: In the pipeline, Cosmix has a diversified product lineup as well as several product innovations diving deeper into holistic health. They’re also looking into retail expansions and a greater Pan-India presence. Lastly, Cosmix hopes to widen the network under their Impact program, expanding to more rural areas.

πŸ“Œ Major Competitors: Cureveda, Oziva, Nyumi