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Are you looking for authority websites to publish a guest blog?

Are you searching for websites to collaborate with them?

If yes, then you are in the right place as we are now allowing startup owners, business houses and entrepreneurs share their stories on our platform. KeeVurds is one of the leading media portal for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

We only accept high-quality guest posts that would be loved by our audience. Through the articles, they should learn about a new topic, acquire a unique point of view, or get aware about a leading brand and their story. So, if you want to write for us in Startups, Entrepreneurship or Business niche, you are welcome.

In return of the guest article, you get exposure to our active audience.Β  Also, you get a author bio section where you can share about yourself, your website and can also add your social media profiles. We get thousands of active visitors every month and thus you can attract them as per your brand goals.

What Our Audience Wants To Read?

We have a number of segments on our website and they acquire different types of audience. The majority of them are business owners, service providers and people who are looking to connect with other business owners for collaborations. So, it will be a great opportunity for you to attract the audience and bring them in your marketing funnels.

Our audience might be interested in one of these topics:

  • Entrepreneurship – Guides, Tips, etc
  • Startups – Journey, Story, Funding Advice, and more
  • Business – Ideas, Planning, Team Management, Growth Hacking, etc
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing – SEO, Email Marketing, , Content Marketing, and more
  • Finance Management

What Type of Posts Do Well??

It is a fact that not all types of content works well on the Internet. And, to get more reach out of your efforts, you should be publishing content that works.

Below are some of the content types that might work good for your startup:

  • List posts like β€œTop 10 Growth Tips For Small Business Owners”
  • ‘How To’ posts related to the above startups and business topics
  • Latest industry insights and trends
  • Any research or report that you have crafted
  • Best resources to learn a specific skill from the above topics like Finance Management or Team Building

Our Content Guidelines

We allow Startups owners and Entrepreneurs to Write For Us but we do have some guidelines. To keep our platform free from spam and marketing-oriented content, we only publish content that follows all of these guidelines:

  • The content shared should be unique, plagiarism free and engaging
  • It should have at least 1200 words
  • KeeVurds should be the only website that publishes that content. You cannot share it anywhere else.
  • No promotional posts allowed related to your products or services.
  • We don’t allow biased product reviews to be posted on our blog.
  • The content should be in-depth, should provide the readers a new point of view, and should be backed by facts
  • We will not be liable for any losses that incur regarding your content in the future

How To Write For Us?

We have kept the process simple but to make sure that only genuine people connect, there are some steps for it. You can follow these steps to Write For Us as Startups, Business or an Entrepreneur:

Share Your Idea:

Before we talk about publishing your content related to business, startups or entrepreneurship, we want to know about your idea. Please share at least two topics for us to consider with a basic introduction of you or your organization on info@keevurds.com.

We Will Select The Topic

We will select a topic and will share guidelines for you to follow. After getting the content ready, you can share it with us and then it will get published as per the schedule.

Important Terms Of Use

By connecting with our team to write for us, you agree with these terms and conditions:

  • We have the right to reject, edit or repurpose the content shared
  • You should not add any affiliate links in your article
  • We don’t pay any money for writing guest posts on our website
  • Once an article gets published on KeeVurds, you cannot get it published anywhere else
  • We can remove an article if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled

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