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The explosion of the D2C brands in India has changed the way consumers shop. They have removed the middleman and focus on building, marketing, selling, and shipping directly to the end-users.

Fast deliveries, lower prices, and quality customer support are a few reasons why people prefer modern D2C brands over traditional retail brands. These brands are leveraging social media, expanding their online presence, and connecting with the new-age internet users for fast business expansion.

Hundreds of D2C startups in India have entered the business space and are transforming how Indians shop.

What is a D2C Business? 

A D2C business approach focuses on selling the goods directly to consumers using the online ecosystem. The direct-to-consumer model cuts the cost of the middleman and delivers a less expensive product to the consumer.

The brand controls the handling of their goods’ marketing, packaging, pricing, and selling, minimizes the chances of poor customer experience, and boosts the quality of customer support.

Social media and other online communication channels help them to engage with the customers and build a solid long-term relationship that was not in the traditional business model approach.

Benefits of a D2C Business Model 

More Control Over Consumer Engagement

The manufacturers or businesses following a D2C business model have better control over how the brand interacts with the consumer. Brands are looking for direct feedback from the end-users that removes the middleman hurdles and builds a strong business-customer relationship.

Great Opportunities For Innovation

D2C brands can try out new products and innovations and test them at a small scale with a selected demographic to remove the risk of product failures. The feedback gained from testing can be analyzed, and the area that needs improvement can be worked upon before the product is launched in the real world. 

Higher Profit Margins

Removing the middleman can help the D2C brands save the profits shared with the distributor, retailer, or other parties involved and operate at higher profit margins. The D2C brand can also help the end-consumers benefit from the cost-cutting and avail of the products at lower prices than traditional brands.

Market expansion opportunities 

With the D2C business model, brands can tap into a wider set of audiences and demographic areas. The power of online presence can enable the brands to connect with people and increase product sales, which is hard for the traditional marketing approach to penetrate. The brands can bypass the barriers of the traditional retail industry and deliver quickly to the desired target audience.

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