Blix Shark Tank India Season 3

What Happened to Blix After Shark Tank India?

Blix is a toy manufacturing startup that focuses on providing educational toys and robotics kits for kids. As per the sources, Blix came from Zephyr Toymakers Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest indigenous toy manufacturing companies.

They have other brands such as MECHANIX and RED Bus Toys and have also partnered with Disney and Oxford University in the past.

More About Blix Robotix

Blix Robotix as a startup is focused on providing a child with the right tools, content, and challenging environment so that they can learn things effectively. They have more than 25 years of experience in building STEM kits and are one of the largest suppliers to robotics institutes.

They have a range of products listed on their website under categories like Robotix Sets, Spare Parts, and STEM Toys.

Below are some of their listed products:

  • Blix Aviator – Drone For Kids
  • Blix Amusement Park – Robotics For Kids
  • Blix Crawlers
  • Blix DIY RC Explorers, and more.

Founders of Blix Toys

Abbas Gabajiwala is the founder of Blix, the startup that manufactures educational toys and kits.

Blix Toys Shark Tank Pitch and Updates

Abbas Gabajiwala from Blix appeared on Shark Tank India season 3 and shared details about his toy-building business. He also shared that he is the third generation toy maker from his family.

In his Shark Tank Pitch, he even demonstrated his new toy named Queaky with Vineeta Singh and she was impressed with the little toy for kids.

Here are some major details that he sharked during his Shark Tank pitch:

  • Available across 2000+ stores
  • Also available on Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, and own website
  • More than 5000 schools in India use their educational kits
  • They mix play and learning with their brand Blix.
  • Blix was earlier a brand under Zephyr, one of the biggest toy manufacturers in India
  • In 2019, the founder made it an individual entity and now owns 70% of the company.

Abbas Gabajiwala from Blix demanded INR 80 lakhs for 2% equity at a valuation of INR 40 crores.

After the initial pitch, the founders discussed his vision, business process, and what decisions he would take if some family conflicts arose. By answering all the answers, Abbas satisfied the Sharks and received multiple offers from all the sharks.

He even gave a counter offer but then other sharks left and he was left with only one offer which he accepted.

Company Name Blix
Founders Abbas Gabajiwala
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founded Year 2016
Business Educational Toys
Profitability No
Shark Tank Episode Season 3 – Episode 3
Asked For INR 80 lakhs for 2% equity
Deal INR 80 lakhs for 4% equity
Sharks Invested Aman Gupta and Ritesh Agarwal
Valuation Given INR 20 crores
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Blix got a final deal of INR 80 lakhs for 4% equity at a valuation of INR 20 crores from Aman Gupta and Ritesh Agarwal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blix

After their appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3, people tried to find more information about Blix. So here are some of the frequently asked questions about them.

1. Who Is The Founder of Blix?

Abbas Gabajiwala is the founder of Blix, the brand that appeared on Shark Tank India season 3.

2. Is Blix From Shark Tank India profitable?

Yes, Blix from Shark Tank is a profitable startup and their last year’s profit was around 7 lakhs with a gross margin of around 45%. This year, they have a forecast of around 40 lakhs to 1.2 Crores in profit.

4. What Happened to Blix after the Shark Tank?

Blix received the investment deal from Aman Gupta and Ritesh Agarwal. They will use this investment to scale their operations.

5. What Are The Sales of Blix After Shark Tank?

As per Abbas, Blix has an average monthly sale of 30-50 lakhs and a yearly revenue of around 8 Crores. After the investment, the numbers would have increased significantly.

4. What Is The Valuation of Blix?

Aman Gupta and Ritesh Agarwal invested in Blix at a valuation of 20 Crores in Shark Tank India season 3.