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Coolberg is India’s first crafted zero-alcohol beer brand. Whether you enjoy beer’s flavor or not, Coolberg won’t let you down. Coolberg beer comes in seven flavors, including malt, and its artisanal iterations include ginger, mint, peach, cranberry, strawberry, and coffee.

Non-alcoholic beer is produced under carefully regulated settings with just a limited amount of fermentation, unlike conventional beer, which is created after full fermentation.

Coolberg is available not just in India but also in many other nations, including Africa, the Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, etc. In the premium non-alcoholic beverage sector, Coolberg aims to be India’s biggest beverage firm.

Legal Name – Coolberg Beverages Private Limited
Founders – Yashika Keswani And Pankaj Aswani
Founded – 2016
Headquarters – Mumbai

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Non Alcoholic Beer, Party Beverages, Different Flavor Beer, Unique Taste Beer, Coolberg Beer

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