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Brand Overview

LiL’Goodness is the brand that combines nutrition with food so that your kid can get healthy snack time. The brand offers vegan and healthy snacks, which include Pop-It Gummies, Prebiotic Milkshakes, Prebiotic Jaggery Chocolates, Prebiotic Chocolates, Yogurt & Milk Squeezies, Teff Products, and B12 Jaggery.

The company does not add any artificial coloring, additives, or chemical preservatives to their foods. Their cute and colorful packaging makes snacking fun and happy for kids and parents.

Legal Name – Happytizers Private Limited
Founders – Harshvardhan and Pariksha Rao
Founded – 2018
Headquarters – Bengaluru

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Snacks For Kids, Healthy Snacks, Chocolates With Vitamins, Kids Food, Prebiotic Chocolates, Teff Products, Healthy Snacks For Fussy Eaters, Gummies

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