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OZiva is one of India’s leading clean, plant-based wellness brands that offer health & wellness products to fulfill consumers’ needs. The company offers everyday fitness, skin, and hair nutrition products. Their protein powders are usually cold-pressed, filtered, and include amazing ayurvedic herbs.

OZiva works on providing products that are a fusion of modern food and ancient Ayurveda. So, if you want to try their plant-based health products, you can move to their website.

Founders – Aarti Gill And Mihir Gadani
Founded – 2016
Headquarters – Mumbai

Brand Tags

Immunity, women’s Health, Men’s Health, Kid’s Health, Weight Loss, Daily Nutrition, Vitamins, Protein Powder, Collagen Powder, Skin, Hair, Acne, Anti Aging, Anti Pigmentation, Skin Brightening, Anti Dandruff, Vitamin E, Matcha

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