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Plix is a plant-based solutions company that offers products for hair, skin, weight management, daily wellness, and other uses. The products made by Plix are non-GMO and free of hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, artificial colors, preservatives, refined sugar, and gluten.

Their ‘Immunity Boosting Supergreens’ powder contains 45 superfoods, including a combination of 25 immunity-boosting herbs, 10 alkalizing greens, and 10 super greens.

That supports good digestion and removes all harmful toxins from your body, assisting your body in its detoxification process. Products from Plix are listed on the company’s website as well as on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Legal Name – Satiya Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd.
Founders – Rishubh Satiya
Founded – 2019
Headquarters – Mumbai

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Weight Management, Glowing Skin Food, Plant Based Superfood, Food For Hair, Women’s Health, Wellness Products, Plant Based Protein Products, Vitamin C

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