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PureCult is a brand that makes household cleaning solutions with plant-based components. Offering four product categories—household cleaners, kitchen cleaners, laundry cleaners, and essential kits—PureCult asserts that each ingredient used in its cleaners is a blend of nature and science and has been examined to ensure that it has no negative effects on the environment, animals, or people.

It offers a variety of formulations for sale online, including dishwashing solutions, laundry detergent, all-surface cleaners, and vegetable and fruit wash.

Legal Name – GreenPledge Products Pvt Ltd
Founders – Roopa Hariharan And Sumit Anand
Founded – 2019
Headquarters – Bangalore

Brand Tags

House Cleaning Products, Kitchen Cleaner, Laundry Cleaner, Dishwashing Liquids, Eco-Friendly Cleaners, Vegetables And Fruits Wash, Holi Stain Cleaners

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