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Woohoo is a brand of pure cow milk that delivers dairy items to your door within 24 hours. Cow milk without any additives, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones is available from Woohoo. The brand guarantees that every drop of Woohoo doodh is always natural, fresh, and untouched by human hands.

And it doesn’t end there; they are the first in India to introduce the milk “gable top” packaging, which is made of recyclable paper. Woohoo promotes using contemporary milking equipment since it is faster, more effective, and more comfortable for the cows. Apart from pure cow milk, the Woohoo also offers bread, pure desi ghee, and juice.

Legal Name – Happy Beverages and Foods Private Limited
Founders – Rahul Uppal And Rohini Unnikrishnan
Founded – 2015
Headquarters – Pune

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