Top 10 Mental Health Startups In India [2024 Updated]

Mental health startups In India

Mental health has been treated as a taboo in India for a really long time. However, the government of India has been trying hard to ensure that people suffering from these disorders get the help they deserve.

In FY 2023, a budget of INR 670 crore is allocated for mental health expenditure in India. 84% of this budget goes to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS).

As 90% of the country’s mental health services are provided by National Mental Health Program (NMHP), there is ample opportunity for mental health startups to enter the market and own a share.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 mental health startups that are revolutionizing the mental health space in India:

1. TickTalkTo

Founders – Abhay Singhal

Founding Year – 2016

Headquarters – Ludhiana, Haryana, India

Products – Mobile app with access to experienced psychiatrists that helps with various mental health issues

TickTalkTo emphasizes the significance of users’ mental well-being, encouraging them to seek the right therapy without delay and ensuring their voices are heard. Most people don’t feel secure or confident enough to talk to a professional about their daily struggles.

Users can connect with experts for various concerns like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. With a vast network of certified counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists across India, the language is no bar, and one can communicate via call or text per their preferences.

2. HopeQure Wellness

Founders – Vivek Sagar, Shiya Sagar, Kunal Bajaj, Jai S.

Founding Year – 2019

Headquarters – New Delhi, Delhi, India

Products – Clinical Therapy, behavioral therapy, Relationship Therapy, Therapy for Personality Issues, and Therapy for Children and Teens

HopeQure Wellness has established itself as one of the leading global platforms in mental health. With more than 550 in-house and associate psychologists, it provides the best online therapy for depression and anxiety.

The founders have taken care of the affordability of the platform using HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO certifications. The client base of HopeQure Wellness is spread across 110+ countries. They take pride in having highly qualified psychologists with Ph.D. and M Phil degrees.

3. Amaha

Founders – Dr. Amit Malik

Founding Year – 2016

Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Products – Therapy, Psychiatry, Couples Therapy, Self-care, Psychometric Assessments

Amaha, formerly known as Innerhour, aims to provide treatment and care plans for various mental health issues. They specialize in dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, and addictions.

The company aims to transform how mental health is death within India. Their integrated ecosystem offers support for various mental health concerns so that individuals can navigate their journey effortlessly with the help of professionals.

4. Wysa

Founders – Jo Aggarwal

Founding Year – 2016

Headquarters – Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Products – AI for immediate support and human coaching for further help

Wysa is one of the most innovative platforms for mental health and one of its kind. It is an AI conversational agent that gauges users’ emotions and employs evidence-based cognitive and behavioral techniques through micro-actions to improve their well-being.

According to the company reports, they have halved anxiety and depression symptoms in users who utilized the chatbot support for over three months. As an AI-safe space with an empathetic “AI penguin” guide, Wysa allows users to depersonalize stress.

5. Juno Clinic

Founders – Anuraag Shrivastava, Arun Kumar, and Vishal Sawant

Founding Year – 2016

Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Products – Treating Anxiety, depression, Relationship issues, OCD, Addiction, Bipolar Disease, ADHD, Sexual Dysfunction

Juno Clinic is a mental wellness startup in Mumbai specializing in treating psychological issues. Their team of experienced psychologists and psychiatrists deals with serious issues like depression, anxiety, relationships, child development, and addiction.

They also offer online therapy through video, audio, or chat, making mental healthcare more accessible in every part of the country. They aim to address the lack of quality providers and social stigma by reaching a broader population and providing timely and affordable treatments.

6. YourDost

Founders – Richa Singh

Founding Year – 2014

Headquarters – Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Products – Counselling for academics, family and friends, love relationships, Sexual wellness, self-improvement, and others.

YourDOST is an online counseling and emotional support platform that prioritizes mental wellness. Using their services, you get the therapy and help needed from the comfort of your home. It connects users anonymously with a panel of experts from across multiple states in India.

Through entirely confidential individual sessions, these professionals understand and guide individuals toward better mental well-being, helping them improve daily.

7. ePsyClinic

Founders – Shipra Dawar

Founding Year – 2015

Headquarters – Gurgaon, Delhi, India

Products – Instant Counselling Services, Psychotherapy Platform, Wellness Program for Kids, Rehab & Wellness Centers, Rural Mental Healthcare Program

ePsyClinic is India’s first online mental health care provider. They offer therapy and counseling via video, audio, chat, and messages. Their primary goals are to increase awareness of mental health care amongst the citizens while making it affordable and accessible for the people.

Their team of trained psychologists provides online therapy effectively, utilizing Thought-Monitoring Records and Daily-Task Planners for progress tracking, which is necessary for serious mental issues. They strictly adhere to operating procedures for quality mental health care delivery.

8. Trijog

Founders – Anureet Sethi, Arushi Sethi

Founding Year – 2014

Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Products – Adult counseling, child counseling, and corporate wellnessΒ 

Trijog is one of the leading mental health startups in India. The mission is to help individuals find happiness and wellness through stable mental health. They aim to build a trusted counseling establishment, providing caring and empowering experiences.

With a team of more than 35 psychologists, Trijog has served over 33,500 clients and 21+ corporates. Since its establishment in 2014, Trijog’s mission is to become a global leader in Mental Health care.

9. Havoc Therapy

Founders – Siddharth Ragi & P. Suchein Kumar

Founding Year – 2018

Headquarters – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Products – Online or offline counseling to deal with grief, anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, etc.

Havoc Therapy was initially inspired by bringing breaking rooms to India. But soon, they realized the need for more comprehensive mental health solutions because of the increase in more serious mental health problems.

To address and reduce this gap, they created β€œWe Hear You,” a platform anonymously connecting people with early mental health issues to trained listeners.

Havoc centers aim to offer various therapies, including Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dog Therapy, and professional mental health care services, making mental health support more accessible and enjoyable rather than being a stressful journey.

10. Kaha Mind

Founders – Aakriti Joanna & Azon Linhares

Founding Year – 2018

Headquarters – Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Products – Therapy for individuals and Organisations

Kaha Mind, founded by Aakriti Joanna and Azon Linhares, is a Bengaluru-based counseling platform offering individuals and companies mental health help.

The company believes in effortless mental health and wellness care, connecting users with mental health professionals through virtual counseling sessions. The founders believe it often becomes difficult for people to reach out due to various stigmas. So they provide online solutions to ease the problem.


The Indian mental health industry is filled with opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. The Indian government owns most of the market share, and there is a constantly growing demand for mental health services.

It is crucial that aspiring entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and investors focus on revolutionizing the mental health sector in India. That way, they will foster a society that prioritizes mental health and does not stigmatize mental health issues.

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