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10 Best LinkedIn Groups for Entrepreneurs To Join [2024 Updated]

We’re all talking business these days. With start-ups being the first move on everyone’s minds, there’s a great scope for entrepreneurs to make their mark in the industry. The question is, how?

Networking is an invaluable tool that allows you to establish yourself in your niche market segment. With most businesses thriving online, the medium of networking has switched to social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, etc.

These applications allow you to meet like-minded people, perhaps professionals in your area of interest. They also give you opportunities to hire interns and employees while expanding your reach in the industry.

The most common platform used in today’s day and age is Linkedin. It has a plethora of groups that could help you begin your journey as an entrepreneur.

Best LinkedIn Groups For Entrepreneurs To Join In 2024

Although you should join LinkedIn groups for Entrepreneurs that are specific to the subjects you specialize in, below is a list of 10 LinkedIn groups that any entrepreneur can gain knowledge and experience from.

1. Startup Specialists Group

This group is perfect if you’re new to the industry. With a whopping 580,000+ members, the group is full of fruitful discussions that will help you clear any doubts about how to move forward.

You’ll find fellow entrepreneurs, individuals who aspire to build their own companies, mentors, professionals, and even investors.

You’ll not only find tons of support, but business ideas, tactics, and strategies to build your firm. In addition to that, they also advise on networking, business ethics, and practices while inspiring you daily.

2. Chief Marketing/Sales Officer (CMO/CSO)

This group is undoubtedly one of the most famous and credible groups on Linkedin. They’re known for being good recruiters and marketers. If you’re looking for advice on shaping and expanding your startup, this should be your go-to group.

The people on it are professionals and intellectuals who have experienced the market at its extremes. With over 3 lakh members, you’d be flooded with messages catering to different parts of the industry.

One point to note is that it doesn’t allow promotions or articles to float within the group. The way of communication is strictly discussion-based following a question-answer pattern. You’ll get to learn quite a lot!

3. Executive Suite

Sounds fancy right?

Everything in that group is the opposite though. While you are expected to keep your conversations professional and formal, the Executive Suite allows you to connect with experienced individuals who give their advice about your career, leadership, work ethic, and strategy to grow your business.

You could schedule one-to-one sessions to take suggestions on a personal level, or you could attend their free learning series once you have been accepted into the community.

Over 342,000 members are waiting to be there for you. They’ve got your back and are very welcoming. Expect miracles and transformations!

4. Entrepreneurs meet Investors

This will probably be your go-to group if you’re looking for funds. It also targets growth and development for startups. Majorly made up of entrepreneurs and investors, you could find some great opportunities to impress venture capitalists and other interested parties.

It’s got only 6000 members, which is very low when compared to other groups. Don’t lose motivation and hope, this practically means you have lesser competition and a higher scope of getting one step closer to your dream.

However, there is a slight disadvantage, the group offers to fund all niches besides film, oil and gas deals, and real estate.

5. Social Media Marketing

This one is a must for every entrepreneur. It’s so important to gain experience with social media and be aware of strategies that could expand your business.

Digital platforms have become the key mode of advertisement. This group has two million members, all learning marketing through group discussions. It’s not only the most populous group on Linkedin but also the most active. Get ready to be flooded with notifications!

6. Digital Marketing

Ranked as the most ‘famous’ group on Linkedin after social media marketing, DM has 700,000+ members all trying to find the spotlight. This is the group used mainly for pitching ideas and expanding your network in the digital marketing field.

It will make professionals and business intellectuals aware of your idea and/or startup. This means you’d not only get great advice from them on how you could boost your reach but also have the potential to receive funds. Try to look as confident as possible and stand out! Good luck!

7. Future Trends

Are you a perfectionist trying to map out every move of yours? Creating a plan and sticking to it, worrying about how the future may unfold? Well, this is the group for you. As the name suggests, the members of this group try to analyze trends that may occur in the future.

By taking note of patterns and experiences in the past, they evaluate how strongly things are going to change in the future. The group emphasizes what the future may look like and thus changes its ways of marketing, development, and management as per that criteria.

8. Investment, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

With a whopping 62,000+ members, this group is key for people trying to learn about the market. It allows you to connect with professionals and mentors that will help your network thrive.

Get the best tips on funding, management, and development of your business. In some cases, you also get to speak with companies and investors for growth.

9. Angel Investor

If you think your business idea is at par or better than what Mark Zuckerberg came up with, ask the admins to add you to this group. You must put your best foot forward in this highly competitive space.

Your firm gets to pitch its idea. An angel investor plans to fund at least 10 companies out of which they predict 1-2 will make it big. Be active and make yourself look good on paper.

Besides that, they also give basic tips on finance and crowdfunding. Their suggestions should help your firm better its management in terms of finance.

10. Bright ideas and Entrepreneurs

Another public favorite. This group enables you to share your business ideas and strategy and get feedback on the same. You’ll be in a safe space where people discuss starting, growing, expanding, sustaining-literally everything.

You’ll get to see Darwin’s theory of evolution unfold in front of your eyes but in the world of business. Connect with professionals and get the advice you deserve!

Hopefully, these LinkedIn groups can help you and your business. It doesn’t take time to set up a LinkedIn account, so do it anytime now!

Look good online, send in a request, and learn from the best. If you get lucky, you might just be the next Jack Ma! Stay hopeful!

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