Bollywood Actress Rashmika Mandanna Upholds D2C Vegan Startup Plum

Bollywood and start-ups have always been great stories. Now and then actors came ahead and put their assets in them.

In that series on a recent event, this Vegan beauty brand was backed up by a Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna.

The investment is all over the tabs as Plum received an undisclosed investment from her. Plum if we introduce as the founder of the brand claim to be“India’s first 100% vegan beauty brand”.

The taglines in their cartons very much appeal to what they offer.  Which goes by “No dairy, no honey, and all the chemicals we use are from plant sources,”.

The ‘Plum’ Mission To Take Vegan Beauty To Another Heights

Plum was established in 2013 by Shankar Prasad. It is a (D2C) vegan brand headquartered in Thane.

To make sure to cover the beauty zone, it offers a variety of items in the skin, hair, men’s, individual consideration, and cosmetics variety.

According to the statement from the startup, it has a yearly income rate (ARR) of about INR 300 Cr, which it plans to double in the following year.

Plum’s premise is engaging roused by the decency of nature, and driven by the craving to be great and accomplish something useful.

An Investment For A Change

“I am excited to represent and also come on board as an investor, supporting a brand that is passionate about adding real goodness to the world we live in. Plum has witnessed stupendous growth over the last few years and I am confident that the brand will become the ‘go-to’ vegan brand in time to come, said Rashmika Mandanna regarding the investment.

The brand as of now hoping to grow its slot presence across India and scale its creation.

A new addition to the products will also take place along with recruitment across all verticals. Plum, with this investment, looks forward to extending its customer base which is an important key to any organization.

The customers are the ones who make sure about the destiny of the brand and winning their trust is so important. The way Bollywood is coming ahead and backing up the Indian startups gives high hopes.

The Indian Startup Ecosystem has a lot in its place right now and a lot is about to come. From skin care, hair, nails, and cosmetics to our fav, lashes, the beauty firm has genuinely advanced throughout the years.

There can be seen a huge shift in the beauty industry recently with all those brands coming ahead with their nest offerings. The future seems shining and bright. And it is very important to make sure that the beliefs and emotions of people are not compromised.

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