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D2C Startup Rubberfy Embraces Sustainability With Their Silicone Home And Personal Care Products

A wave of activism, financial innovation, and government initiatives aimed at constructive environmental change has ushered in the new decade.

A rising number of CEOs, lawmakers, and consumers recognize that major social and environmental issues, notably climate change, are outpacing our current system.

Companies are under pressure to reform. They know that embracing systemic change and disruption to solve the world’s pressing issues will open up enormous potential for innovation, investment, increased relevance, and market share.

While the pandemic has helped us appreciate the leisurely life and realize the need for sustainability, young entrepreneurs are looking towards utilizing sustainable products in their homes, bathrooms, and kitchenware.

Rubberfy is a silicone product startup founded by Taher Dhanerawala. Because environmental responsibility is essential to the future, Rubberfy believes in the importance of sustainability and supports the manufacture of items that promote eco-friendly home products.

What Led to Rubberfy?

Taher, who identifies himself as a pro-environment and a community person, says,

β€œMy market research showed me a rising trend – a large part of the Indian population generally uses toxic and low-quality household accessories. Most of our kitchen, bathing, and baby products are made of plastic and similar products. I decided to do something about this.”

Rubberfy is a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business that sells silicone home and kitchen equipment, bathroom and personal care accessories, and other products to replace plastic in Indian households.

Taher wanted to get rid of the plastic in favor of something more reusable, long-lasting, and environmentally beneficial. Rubberfy currently offers a variety of everyday household items, such as home and kitchenware, bathroom and personal care accessories, brushes and dusters, and more.

Rubberfy, according to Taher, wants to reduce Indian homes’ plastic footprints and promote a more environmentally friendly attitude towards domestic product consumption across the country.

Old Roots Grew Back Stronger

Taher’s family operated a humble silicone goods firm in Mumbai, but he wanted to build a company with an eCommerce boost. After the COVID-19 epidemic swept the country, his family’s company began to lose clients.

He looked into the issue and discovered that the majority of Indians were still unaware of plastic pollution and the issues that it creates.

Taher, a BCom graduate from the University of Mumbai, has always been interested in the startup and business world. Taher realized there was a great way to move a small business online after working for companies like Pharmeasy, so after planning things well, he founded Rubberfy in 2021.

Rubberfy’s Business And The Journey So Far

Silicone is a good material to employ in any application where there are environmental factors that might cause other materials to fail.

When it comes to extreme temperatures, silicone rubber excels in both hot and cold environments. Silicone also surpasses typical rubbers in high-temperature tensile strength, elongation, rip strength, and compression sets.

Rubberfy’s staff is passionate about providing environmentally friendly silicone household items, as well as a commitment to sustainability that reflects their love and respect for nature.

Taher claims that he started his Rubberfy journey with a small investment of less than Rs 50,000, which covered the fees for putting up a website and other general expenses. He enlisted the help of friends and family to test the items, and he claims that almost everyone out of them was delighted with Rubberfy’s selection of products.

β€œWe have a small manufacturing unit where we can produce a significant number of products. Also, we have contract manufacturing with different vendors…I delivered a few orders to customers personally. We got a good spike because our products were beneficial and were daily-use household items,” Taher says.

What Does the Future Hold?

According to Taher, the firm is focusing on gaining consumers by word of mouth and organically growing through social media. He says that so far, there are 100 paying customers. Rubberfy is trying to reach the 1000 mark in the upcoming three months.

As a DTC company, the only money spent is on manufacturing and shipping. Taher confirmed that Rubberfy has a gross margin of around 40%. He goes on to say that a good production system costs between Rs 1 and Rs 3 crore, and the team is trying to achieve that. Currently, the startup exclusively sells on its website where the products’ pricing varies from Rs 149 to Rs 600.

According to their website, Rubberfy’s purpose is to employ sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics and packaging.

They aim to develop, promote, and drive positive change in the world. Rubberfy believes that everyone has the right to a greener, cleaner, and healthier environment now and in the future. Being environmentally responsible must become a way of life, not a trend.

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