Insurance Samadhan

Insurance Samadhan Is Creating A Name For Itself By Troubleshooting Insurance For Customers

Have you ever had difficulty understanding an insurance policy? If yes, you are not alone. Customers find insurance vocabulary and information difficult to follow, even compared to many other “complex” industries, including banking. People are frequently put off by technical jargon and clauses when buying insurance policies. So why are they so difficult to understand? …

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Badshah Masala Success Journey

Badshah Masala Looks Back On Its 70 Years of Legacy, Plans For Digitization

India has always been popular for its spices. Ancient explorers from around the world came to the country to benefit from the spice trade. Given their incomparable scent, texture, flavor, and medicinal potential, Indian spices are even now preferred everywhere. India’s domestic spice market is the world’s largest. In India, spices have traditionally been farmed …

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