How Reef Helped A Hair Appliance Firm With 1000% Increase in Organic Traffic

Perplexed as to how you can drive the audience towards your content and enhance the ranking of the website?

Are you wondering how you can bring about an increase in organic search traffic for your blog?

Well, it’s time that you push away all your worries!

This is because we will acquaint you with the probable problems currently present in your content and aid you to implement the apt solutions via this blog content strategy case study by Reef Digital Agency.

So, let’s begin and have a deeper look into it!

About the Client Website

Reef, the marketing agency, aided its client, a top hair appliance company, in receiving greater organic search traffic on their blog.

This hair electrical gadget-based brand equips the world-renowned hairstylists with its highly efficient electrical hair appliances to get a great experience while using the hair styling gadgets.

This hair appliance company has great consumer support in Australia and New Zealand.

Challenge and Goal of the Client Brand

The hair appliance company aimed to shift prospective buyers from the simple stage of awareness to an intense engagement stage by preaching to the consumers about the brand and developing trust with the company.

The creation of top-of-the-funnel content was also recognized as one of the aims so that the focus stays on brand awareness and provides the audience with value.

The content has to be prepared so that the problems are duly addressed, and all the questions related to the common hair grappling issues are answered. The content structure has to be so that in the final part, the audience gets directed to the hair product that will help them solve all their problems.

Chalking Out The Blog Content Strategy

So, what was Reef’s strategy to meet the objectives of the client website?

The plan was to address the everyday instances of hair problems and conclude the piece of content with a highly effective solution by enriching it with illustrations of recommended products, how-to or haircare videos, and various tips related to the same field.

The process of blog content strategy involved the following methods.

  • Identifying the goals of the audience/consumers.
  • Performing intense niche market research.
  • Ideation of topics for the content and determining the long-tail keywords to be used as the chief target
  • Preparing a content calendar
  • Delivering a robust and engaging content
  • Careful optimization of the content to drive greater organic search traffic

The previously written blog posts were also optimized by properly adding the internal links, headings and sub-headings, and meta titles. The content was made SEO-friendly by inserting the researched keyword at the apr places.

Purpose of the Content Strategy

  • Enhancing the search rankings of the website and garner tremendous traffic.
  • Achieve notable visibility in the SERPs.
  • Educating the consumers at each stage of their journey till the final stage of purchasing the product.
  • Establishing the bond of trust and loyalty with the existing consumers.


The result of such a strong and effective blog content strategy was terrific. From January to June 2019, the client website witnessed a 1000% increase in organic search traffic. Besides, there was a 1300% hike in new users visiting the blog and a 20% increase in the new organic users viewing the site.

Content Marketing Case Study
Source: Reef Digital Agency

In June 2019, there was an improvement of over 1500 keywords along with a ranking of additional 150 keywords on the first page. Imagine how fantastic that is!


From the blog content strategy case study from Reef Digital, it is clear how impactful an SEO content marketing strategy can be. Consistent production of well-optimized content is essential to boost the organic search traffic to the website.

Taking a cue from this case study, you can now quickly identify the problem that your website and blog content might be having right now. So, worry not! Focus on keyword research and make it an excellent flowing piece of content.

Wishing you luck! Prepare the best strategy and experience massive growth in the audience as more and more consumers will be heading towards purchasing your product and services.