How The Good Marketer Helped With Bling to Scale From £3K to £40K

How The Good Marketer Helped With Bling to Scale

Want a business venture to succeed within months of its operations?

Go check out The Good Marketer. As its name suggests, the company functions solely to help other companies reach their business and creative potential via marketing and revenue generation.

Recently, they partnered with a firm named, “With Bling” that creates refined and unique earrings for its customers. The results will speak for themselves.

Within 3 months, the brand grew from just 3,000 pounds to a whopping 40,000 pounds. That is almost 13.5 times the original amount. In addition to that, they were able to increase their revenue by 4,200+% and ROAS (Return on ad spend) to 4.62. What more could you want?

While the results seem shocking, it’s necessary to understand how the company grew exponentially. Let’s have a look at the firm’s strategies and problem-solving tactics to get an overview of the progress:

Identifying Challenges

The first thing the company did was to analyze Bling’s existing data. This helped them understand what exactly they should target for the future. The two main challenges that were noted are as follows:

  • ROAS was not only inconsistent but delivering minimum yield.
  • Although there were multiple revenue streams available, With Bling wasn’t making good use of them.

While the company already had a functional website, they wanted to expand their reach, sales, revenue, and target audience.

Devising a Plan

The Good Marketer’s team, after identifying and familiarizing themselves with their partner’s challenges, started employing growth strategies. The first thing they targeted was With Bling’s audience.

In order to reach interested parties, their team carried out research that helped them identify the right channels through which they could connect. This created two groups.

One, existing customers, and two, newcomers. Within those categories, they further specialized in piercings, jewelry, beauty, hair, and fashion to increase the quality of their traffic. This helped them create a niche market segment for With Bling’s brand. A feature called “Direct Creative” assisted them throughout the process.

The second thing they looked at was revenue streams through ads. 

They expanded their reach by allowing Google to run their ads. This helped them create a new revenue stream every time a user would go through a website on which their ad was featured.

Additionally, they launched two types of campaigns through these ads- Shopping and Search. These enabled “With Bling” to pop up when a customer would be searching for products under segments like Jewellery, Piercings, and/or beauty.

Naturally, this increased their reach and gave them a combined ROAS of 3.56 within 3 weeks of employing the strategy.

The last thing they made sure to do was: Test

On a regular basis, they would create attractive interactives and slideshows that’d feature “With Bling’s” products. Then, they’d upload different kinds of media and test their audience’s reaction.

The ads that worked best helped them understand what their customers wanted to see and shop, which further improved their sales once they took into account the feedback they were receiving.

At the time, when they published this case study, they were working on the process of setting up ‘Welcome Emails’ and ‘Sign ups’ to make their customers feel a part of the family and better capture their interests. This would have helped them personalize products for their audience and hopefully generate a more loyal customer base if their goodies are able to deliver.

In conclusion, we can safely say that The Good Marketer is an effective platform to help smaller businesses reach their desired position in the business world. They’re not only quick to create a personalized plan, but also to execute it. Contact them if you want your company to witness the same growth!