9 Effective Ways to Promote Your New Startup Online

Promote Your New Startup Online

Startup growth depends heavily on efficient promotion.

India is the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. If you want to see your startup business succeeding in months to come, you need to use effective tools for promotion.

But how to promote your new startup online? The answer to this question has been made relatively easy, thanks to the internet.

Effective online promotion of startups garners most customers who are mainly millennials and Generation Z, looking to shift their purchasing habits from big names to relatively smaller entrepreneur-based brands.

People who use social media, YouTube, and other channels daily on the web come to recognize the greatness of startups. But in the face of so many consumer-focus small businesses, you need to do your best to stand out. That is why you need to follow these 9 effective ways to promote your new startup online;

Take Maximum Advantage of Social Media

Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have millions of audiences. Create engaging posts on these social media platforms. You should include video posts to engage more customers. You can learn how to edit youtube videos in the most easiest and effective way.

These social media posts should relate to peopleโ€™s needs and subtly persuade them to try your service. Learn ways to boost your organic social media presence.

Reply to every comment underneath your posts. Market the product by relating to people. It may be through memes or humorous bits that any ordinary reader will find funny.

Power of Email Marketing

A strong email marketing strategy is the backbone of a startup. The first step begins with a collection of emails. Reach out to those people first who have shown prior interest in your products earlier.

Email marketing as a promotion tool works best when you pair it with referral offers or discounts. It will widen your businessโ€™s reach and at the same time peak the interest of your customer.

You can now maintain a steady flow of communication with someone who has earlier shown interest in your brand.

Miracle of Search Engine Optimization

Best startup online businesses follow a key trick. They make the best use out of Search Engine Optimization methods.

Some numerous businesses and startups may offer similar kinds of services and products as you do.ย To stand apart from the rest of the bunch, you have to highlight what it is that makes your startup unique.

Meta tags and descriptions, hashtags, captions, and using the right keywords are extremely important. You want your customers to see your startup and your products and services on the top of Google Search results.

Use Humor, Wit, and Memes to Relate

After successful online promotion, people who are most likely going to your customers are web users within the ages of 15-40. This wide age group has a few things in common and those mainly center on social media humor.

Memes, wit, and humor grow rapidly out of date on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Meme marketing has become a famous tool for startup businesses to relate with their prospective audience base on social media as well as on emails. The trick is to make it simple enough that it can be understood by all.

Widen Your Brandsโ€™ Reach Using Promotional Clips

Promotional clips at the start of YouTube videos are more or less annoying but if the product advertised is useful enough to ordinary people, then it will gain a wider reach and new audience.

Around 265 million Indians venture inside YouTube each month. Brands such as Dettol, CaratLane, and ICICI Pru Life have marketed their services and products so well on YouTube that their sales have driven upwards.

Dettol in one of its campaigns a few years back used relatability exceptionally with the image of the Hindu festival, Kumbh Mela. The ad campaign was creative, managed to spark the attention of people, and improve their sales numbers.

Blogging About Your Startup Business

People have short attention spans but they like to read content that appeals to them. Weird combination? Perhaps yes, but it inspires startups and businesses to tap into their creativity and come up with new ways to market their services and products.

Blogging is a widely popular way to garner attention about your startup. It is not just about increasing sales numbers with a good ad campaign.

SEO, keywords, images, captions, blog promotion, all of these factors, and more play a key role in the popularity of a blog. Use keywords and key phrases that people are most likely to type in the search box that comes related to your product.

Why Not Try Google Ads?

The globally popular search engine Google has become a favorite platform for marketers and customers alike. Search the term โ€˜Life Insuranceโ€™ and look at how many results that come up on top are ads.

To make use of Google Ads as best you can, you need to bank upon the magic of long tail and short tail keywords, key phrases, all related to the growth of your startup business.

Create a good marketing campaign that captures anyoneโ€™s attention and is easy enough to understand. Your campaign strategies and how you manage to make the best use out of Google Ads will determine the outcome you get in real-time for your startup.

Use Medium and Quora To Promote Your Startup Business

Have a new startup business and want to garner an audience?

Start with platforms such as Medium and Quora. People come to look for answers and solutions to their problems here. Both of these platforms have a wide audience of millions.

The key is not to sound too sale-sy. Look for relevant questions on Quora and promote the Medium article, write high-quality content regarding how your product or service will be the ultimate solution to their worries.

Then, subtly tag your online store or website in the middle-end paragraphs of the content when required.

Partnering With Other Brands and Influencers

There are other businesses and startups you can reach out to for promoting your brand. It can be a quid pro quo situation or some monetary transaction involved. But you need to get your priorities straight before reaching out to them.

Consider how promoting your product and service alongside theirs appeals to the customer.

If your startup business is all about selling yoga mats, you need to think twice before partnering with a brand that provides AC cleaning service.

The role of Influencers in the promotion of startups is becoming popular nowadays. Mostly because it works if the influencer can promote the product or service well enough by converting their audience into prospective customers.

None of these methods to promote your new startup online will work if you do not invest enough of your time and energy. You will not garner instant traffic in a day.

What you should be aiming for is organic growth that will lead to more customers skimming through your services and adding your products to their cart.

Add value to your content and promote regularly using these online promotion tricks mentioned in this article.

Accept feedback from prospective and loyal customers. Try to address areas where your startup seems to be lacking. Steadily you will see your reach widening, views increasing, and improved engagement of the audience with your products.

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