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Children For Environment Is On A Journey To Sensitize Kids About Mother Nature, Find Out More

Change on a global scale cannot be achieved by an individual alone; it takes entire societies, spanning across generations.

Such a change is currently needed to tackle the environmental concerns that grow graver each day. Due to misinformation, lack of sensitivity, and resources, our planet suffers a dire condition of gradual degradation.

It’s crucial to involve younger generations in environmental conservation activities to engage more people in the cause.

Parents may raise kids who are more conscious of environmental challenges by encouraging an early concern for the environment and sustainable practices. Although certain sustainability lessons are taught in schools, it is likely not enough, and the actual job begins much earlier at home.

Our children will inherit the earth from us. It is our duty to teach them how to take care of it and heal the damages done henceforth.

Children For Environment is an educational initiative to help teach kids more about the environment and how to protect it. A very new startup endeavor, Children For Environment has launched its android app and is on the path to reaching more people.

The Chief Dreamers

Children For Environment was founded by Debasish Dutta and Aarti Kore.

Over the course of a 23-year career at several international institutions, Debashish has developed experience in enterprise risk management and business controls.

Additionally, he works as a skilled natural history photographer who is well-known in both local and foreign media. He is actively interested in raising money for programs that conserve biodiversity, and he has made it a priority to increase children’s awareness of the natural world and its inhabitants.

Debashish’s role as the founder includes setting the direction of the content that is delivered to kids and their parents, communicating the goal for Children for Environment, and providing overall thought leadership. He is known for being passionate, dynamic, personable, perceptive, and articulate.

Co-founder Aarti Kore worked as an engineer in corporations for the first decade of her career before going out on her own to work in web development for the next ten years.

Aarti is responsible for all technical aspects required to run and maintain the app in top condition. She possesses a wonderful disposition, creativity, a drive to serve customers effectively and efficiently, and grit. She paints in her spare time.

Why is CFE Needed?

Debashish has a vast portfolio of work as a wildlife photographer with major media attention. He has been interested in the natural world and animals since he was a little boy.

His decades-long involvement with the issue has led him to realize how widely general people feel indifferent toward the planet and its concerns.

How will the kids learn about the numerous facts and mysteries of our world if the parents are so disengaged?

How can kids develop a sense of empathy for the environment as adults and make decisions that are in their best interests?

The sole motivation provided by the average school curriculaβ€”which is inadequate and ineffectiveβ€”is getting good grades. It doesn’t pique curiosity. It doesn’t help the mind to explode. When a cyclone is occurring right now, should a youngster wait till after school to learn what produces it? CFE is attempting to address this awareness-generating and curiosity arousal gap with its app.

What’s In The App?

The apps give kids a platform that is simple to use and is filled with intriguing facts about nature, its systems, and processes, as well as wildlife, to encourage their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for the natural world.

Understanding the idea of teleology, which states that everything in nature has a purpose, is what Mother Nature demands of us.

β€œIt is critical to let our children and young adults know that Earth is their actual home and not the four walls they live within. We are if the planet is.”

The current educational system does not educate kids on this basic principle of life. And for the past generations, this has been the situation. The inability of humans to respect and cherish the other elements of our world, both living and non-living, is the outcome.

The app instills in today’s youth a fundamental understanding and appreciation of teleology in order to shift the paradigm.

They are developing in a world that is exceedingly challenging and will soon be under their control. If kids don’t learn to value nature, it won’t be feasible to make the essential repairs that the earth needs.

The Growth Trajectory

Children For Environment is entirely self-funded. The founder has experience with starting businesses in the past and is well knowledgeable about the problems of poor management that may damage even large corporations.

The core staff has very strict guidelines for managing effort and funds. To guarantee that the audience is not distracted, the app is ad-free.

On April 26, 2022, the CFE app became available on the Google Play Store. The iOS version is about to be released.

The early response has been excellent, and CFE has already had invites from a number of organizations to visit and discuss its effort. It has a carefully thought-out strategic marketing plan in place, and it will be put into practice as the startup move forward. The number of subscriptions is rising, but the exact data is kept private.

Let’s hope to see CFE gain success in its admirable venture.

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    2 years ago / August 13, 2022 @ 11:20 am

    Thank you for the write up. Indeed. The iOS version of our app is also out.

    • Avatar

      Krishan Bedi

      2 years ago / August 13, 2022 @ 4:47 pm

      Deboo, I am very proud of that you are the Founder of this organization to preserve the nature. This organization is also geared.towards educating the kids and parents to the importance of preserving the national habitat.
      Debashish has worked very hard and is totally dedicated to preserving the Nature.
      Wishing Good Luck to Both…
      Krishan Bedi

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