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How This Fashion Startup: The Quirky Naari – Winning Hearts of Millennials

Fashion startups have a lot to gain and lose when it comes to creating a name for themselves and winning over the hearts of customers.

There’s one such startup that has managed to do that quite successfully and it goes by the name of ‘The Quirky Naari’.

Just by venturing into their website, you can understand the appeal the webstore has cultivated for itself in the market. And that’s not all, there are more things in store for them and thanks to the appearance at Shark Tank India, the future of The Quirky Naari appears to be a very smooth sailing cruise.

Let’s get to know more about the startup, its appearance at the iconic show as well as its future plans.

The Quirky Naari – What Can You Expect?

The Quirky Naari, as we previously mentioned, is a fashion startup that specializes in selling products for homes, women, and kids. Looking at their collections, you will find items that are just the last piece of the unfinished puzzles waiting for their completion at your home and closet.

Separate sections for New Arrivals and Clearance Sales are always available, making it easier for you to reach out to brand-new things and look for products at an affordable rate. The About Us page of the website introduces The Quirky Naari webstore as,

“A quirky, edgy line of footwear and accessories for millennials”

The name of the startup justifies the appeal and appearance of the webstore. It is definitely quirky and will catch your eyes the moment you venture inside.

From Denim Jackets, Bridal Shoes, Bags, T-shirts, whatever you need to look trendy and fancy, you will find it here. You have to create your own credentials and log in to enjoy the shopping experience. The featured items

Refund and shipping policy as well as contact information are at hand for you as a customer to get in touch and resolve your queries. The brand also has a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Success At Shark Tank India

The Quirky Naari Shark Tank

Startups and new companies around India have discovered a new way to reach a wider audience and gain prospective customers. And that new way is through Shark Tank India.

Shark Tank India became a hit with everyone in India when it aired on Sony. From bright entrepreneurs to common people, everyone became hooked on the show. A few lucky albeit deserving candidates had the chance to woo the judges with their product and service sales pitches, and Quirky Naari was one of them.

If you are a regular viewer of the show – Shark Tank India, you must have already come to know which company we are discussing here.

The Quirky Naari made its appearance on the show in Season 1 Episode 20. The founder of the startup, Malvina Saxena, pitched her website and company successfully and asked for 35 lakhs. In return, the sharks had an opportunity to grab a 5% Equity share of the startup.

Even in the face of competition from companies that were already well established in themselves, The Quirky Naari managed to grab the attention and interest of the sharks. The final deal was that the sharks and Ms. Saxena reached 35 lakhs for 24% Equity of the company.

The deal for the final investment on the show was awarded by investors Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal.

Vineeta appeared to be on board with the idea and company from the start, especially when she was gifted a customized pair of shoes that had an abstract pattern similar to Sugar packaging and #boldandfree text from Sugar’s new campaign from Ms. Saxena.

The owner of the startup looks forward to growing and learning from the journey ahead as an entrepreneur.

Having both the shark meant a lot to the founder, because being a one-woman army herself, Vineeta’s business success story was an inspiration, and Anupam’s grasp on the market, sales, and figure number made the two of them a dream team of investors for The Quirky Naari.

Future Plans Awaiting Ahead

To make the supply chain efficient, Quirky Naari is working to hire more designers and interns, and the funding they receive will enable them to spend a huge chunk of money on marketing.

Our motto is creating anything but ordinary and every single of our products are made with a lot of love and care. With personal touch through art, we focus on sustainable fashion by crafting not just quirky, fun and authentic products but also experiences for our clients that they can cherish for a long time.

After the show’s appearance, brand awareness for The Quirky Naari is on the rise. Evident from the brand’s growing following on its Instagram page as well as monthly sales getting clocked way ahead of the prediction.

In the episode where the brand was featured as well as its pitch from the founder, the Instagram page exploded the night of the broadcast. In a matter of 36 hours, the Quirky Naari page gained 10,000 new followers. The website crashed and the website clocked its average monthly sale number in just two business days.

Appearance at Shark Tank India proved to be a learning experience for the owner/founder, Ms. Saxena. The company aims to scale its hero product in the future and get a good grip on the market prior to experimenting with other categories.

Business inquiries as well as love and appreciation are pouring in for the brand from all over India from women entrepreneurs, aspiring women, small businesses, and more.

The lesson learned from the show was that it is of no use to expand your product line at an early stage as your working capital gets stuck, and there are no specific products in the product that set you apart from competitors.

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