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Gemeria Hair’s Unstoppable Journey: Leading the Hair Extension Revolution

The Indian hair extension market is on the rise.

Due to growing hair styling trends, the demand for hair extensions is booming. People want a simple and fast method to style their hair, which contributed to the growing popularity of hair extension products.

The hair care market in India is currently valued at US$3 billion. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.41% and reach up to US$4 billion.

The growing demand for hair extensions in India can be attributed to social media as well. People are more open to change and experimenting today. They want to try new looks and experiment with new trends. This also gave rise to many new hair extension brands in India.

However, one hair extension brand that revolutionized the market with its ethical approach and innovative ideas is – Gemeria Hair, which has really paved the way for great achievements.

Shashi Tyagi started Tyagi Exports in the year 2013, and as a part of which was created Gemeria Hair, an initiative of Tyagi Exports and has created a presence of its own and blazed the trail with the human hair industry for wigs, hair extensions, toppers, and clips.

During their journey, Gemeria Hair remained true to its heritage and procured the hair responsibly. Let’s read their story of pure devotion to provide the best quality with an ethical approach that required tons of hard work and dedication.

Starting from an Indian Village to a global presence 

The story of Gemeria Hair starts with Shashi Kant Tyagi while he was living in his village. As a simple villager, he always dreamed of establishing a business and wanted to do something in hair care. The idea later transformed into servicing the hair extension industry.

Although he saw a lot of promise in the company, he also observed a lot of unethical behaviors.

Shashi wanted to build a successful company but never wanted to treat his customers unfairly. He wanted to compete but wanted to source the most authentic and real human hair.

The Pious And Sacred South Indian Temples 

While searching for the most authentic real human hair, he found the answer in the most devout of pilgrims donating their hair to the most sacred temples in South India. Suddenly he realized the answer to ethically sourcing real hair lies in the hair donations in these beautiful South Indian temples.

Fully feeling the divine grace of the temples, Shashi reached out to these temples and built very deep ties with them to source the highest quality human hair that was donated to them.

He found the most humane and ethical way to source high-quality human hair.

Establishing True Innovation And Quality Assurance 

As Gemeria Hair was slowly garnering success, Shashi felt that the business lacked the essence of product development from a female point of view. Only a female can contribute to that development.

Mani, his wife, provided the answer to his inquiry. While discussing with Mani, Shashi soon found out she has a keen eye for details and a good understanding of beauty products. So, he brought her on board.

Mani Tyagi joined Gemeria Hair to provide product development from a female point of view. As the co-founder, she started focussing on products and their developmental aspects. All of this resulted in Gemeria Hair achieving new heights of success and jumping ahead of its competition.

With their combined efforts, the firm was able to achieve even greater levels of quality and innovation in wigs, hair extensions, toppers, and more, propelling the brand to true perfection.

Nurturing The Talent And Community 

Although Gemeria Hair was a highly successful business, Shashi still wanted to nurture this approach and serve the community in ways that would help the wig and hair extension industry grow.

As a result, Gemeria Hair provided both customers and professionals with accessories and tools. This helped people such as freelancers, newbies, and other hair stylists.

Not only that, but it also built a community of like-minded individuals who give their best efforts to create the best hair extensions in the market. Mani Tyagi, suffering from hair thinning issues herself, understands the pain of the customers. She also tests the hair extensions herself before they send it to the market.

Diverse Solutions for Diverse Needs 

Gemeria Hair Solutions

Gemeria Hair has always been dedicated to actually listening to its consumers and creating hair solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Whether it’s the ease of Clip-in hair extensions for rapid change, the specific support of hair toppers for thinning hair, or the variety of wigs, the brand’s objective has always been to fulfill each customer’s individual requirements.

Through a thoughtfully curated range featuring vibrant colored hair extensions, transformative Toppers, Wigs, and hair patches for women and beyond, the brand not only stood out but also outshined its rivals.

Overcoming Harsh Challenges

The entrepreneurial journey of Shashi was not smooth. Starting Gemeria Hair from zero capital to reaching new heights of financial success, it took years. He put in a lot of hard work and stayed determined to make his vision into reality.

From overcoming challenges in the field of sourcing and production to distribution, the resourcefulness and resilience of Gemeria Hair led to a turnover of 50 crores today.

The Strength of Gemeria Hair lies in its family 

At its roots, Gemeria Hair is deeply bonded by the shared values of all the family members of the Tyagi family.

From the main founders Shahshi and his wife Mani, their managing director is the brother of Shahsi, Suraj Tyagi, and Shashi’s sister-in-law, Anu Tyagi, holds the position of Co-Creator and MD. Everyone has really shaped the successful journey of Gemeria.

Expanding to Greater Horizons 

Gemeria Hair envisions a bright worldwide footprint, and the company is already taking steps to establish an offline presence in UAE alongside its ever-expanding online presence.

The firm is always dedicated to offering the most authentic hair extensions, wigs, toppers and clips, and other accessories created from the best quality human hair derived from South India’s most sacred temples.

Gemeria Hair is really motivated by the desire to continue providing ethically sourced hair while also pushing industry innovation and empowering the community. All of this has propelled it to the top of the hair business.

A Remarkable Journey

The tale of Gemeria Hair is a remarkable journey of hard work and determination. A determination to provide the most ethically sourced products and always innovate to drive the industry to even higher standards.

From the most humble beginnings in an Indian village to making Gemeria Hair a global success, the success story of this brand is written by deep family love along with the purpose and passion to provide the best.

The Story of Gemeria Hair is more than just a financial success, it is a saga of enriching the communities through ethical practices and empowering individuals. Gemeria Hair has truly transformed the industry and has become an inspirational story for anyone who can dream.

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    7 months ago / December 7, 2023 @ 12:04 pm

    What an incredible journey, Gemeria Hair! 🌟 Your commitment to ethical sourcing and innovation is truly inspiring. 💪 Can’t wait to see your footprint grow globally, especially in the UAE! 🌏✨

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    7 months ago / December 8, 2023 @ 10:08 am

    Gemeria Hair’s journey is beyond inspiring! 🌟 The commitment to ethical practices, innovation, and community empowerment sets a new standard. Kudos to Shashi, Mani, and the entire Tyagi family for shaping a brand that transcends financial success. Can’t wait to see Gemeria Hair’s global footprint grow! 🌎💚

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