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Here Is A New And Better Way To Prepare For Competitive Exams, With Exampay

The ‘herd mentality’ is an issue in our nation.

Young people are taught to follow what everyone else is doing early on in life, and this mindset follows them into adulthood. The normal student undertakes the steps that the system expects them to take when they prepare to chase their dream.

Basic education is available for free in India, however obtaining a big-ticket education costs a lot of money and time. For the average lower-class or middle-class student, quality higher education in India is a difficult thing to get.

There are organizations and coaches whose only objective is to make money while ignoring the need for direction and instruction on the part of the youngster.

Exampay enters the picture here; it provides all students with a high-quality education at a very reasonable cost.

A Need to Make Competitive Exam Prep Affordable

The ed-tech entrepreneur Shashank Shrivastava is new to the scene. Exampay is his brainchild He is the creator of Exampay.

After earning his B.Tech. in civil engineering, he began working in the real estate industry. He founded his own business because of his talent for entrepreneurial creativity and desire to provide simple and accessible test materials to students throughout India.

It all started when Shashank’s sister was preparing for UPSC. She did her coaching from one of the best institutes in India. Later during her preparation, she wanted to try out the prelims test series of different coaching institutes but all of them demanded a large sum of money. It was then that Shashank realized how expensive a bundle of test series can be!

Soon after, Shashank understood that not all applicants could pay that sum, and even if they could, it would undoubtedly put a strain on their families. After that, he made the decision to launch a business to address that issue.

While creating Exampay, Shashank majorly focused on applicants from Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas that needed more standard test preparation materials. Exampay’s niche product is its test series, which offers an online real-time testing environment for various competitive exams throughout India.

Shashank has big dreams and firmly believes in tenacity, grit, and consistency. He also has a strong interest in cars and is a quick learner who wants to explore different business concepts and industries. He’s just getting started in business!

What Does Exampay Offer Young Students And Professionals?

Competitive exams including the UPSC, XAT, CAT, IBPS, and GMAT are among the hardest in the country. To do well in these tests, you must practice them consistently.

According to online statistics, 9 to 10 lakh students take the UPSC exam each year. Similarly, 98,000 students take the XAT, 2,00,000 take the CAT, 5,00,000 take the IBPS, 15,00,000 take the SSC, etc. This suggests that there would be fierce competition in all competitive tests.

By enabling students to evaluate themselves in real-time using a clever and ingenious method, Exampay is striving to change the idea of learning.

For the advantage of students who reside distant from the nation’s educational centers, Exampay offers the most thorough and thorough exam papers, as well as in-depth explanations prepared by professionals across the nation.

It hopes to reach even the most remote regions where taking tests and answering challenging questions is still a luxury.

Exampay wants to provide a learning environment where pupils can assess their performance and improve results. Students can experience taking an exam in the real world with the help of its test series. This enhances their time management skills and gives them a solid understanding of the subject.

Some More Features

In order to give you a top-notch educational experience, Exampay’s exam series is carefully chosen with both fundamental and applied techniques. Exampay test preparation materials follow the most recent exam formats and have helped a number of students to compete efficiently.

Its exam series is built with a broad coverage scope that gives students an introduction to basic to intermediate question levels.

As a result, individuals can develop a continuous learning curve that moves them from mastering the fundamentals to performing better on more difficult issues. Exampay test collections are updated frequently to stay current with new ideas and events.

Exampay’s test series are administered in a practical manner so that the candidates can experience taking the test in the real-time test environment.

Students receive a thorough assessment of their performance, providing total openness regarding their preparation. A proper evaluation of their performance can help aspirants set a standard for their
further preparation roadmap.

Exampay Is Only Just Testing Out Its Waters

According to Shashank,Β 

β€œAs we are new to this industry, we are doing well, and we see exponential growth in our services in the coming quarters.”

Exampay currently offers material on 12+ courses and a student base of 10k+.

The majority of applicants are from Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities or distant locations. For these pupils, it is still challenging to get trustworthy study materials and practice good test series.

Additionally, not all of them have the financial means to enroll in elite universities that charge expensive tuition. Therefore, Exampay’s major goal is to hone the skills of these lakhs of students.

Exampay wants to help applicants who have high ambitions and a burning desire to be successful.

It aspires to be a part of every person’s success in obtaining the education required to sit for competitive exams like the UPSC, bank PO, XAT, CAT, IBPS, and GMAT. Exampay aspires to be recognized for offering thorough competitive test preparation.

The “Make in India, Start in India” campaign is something that the Exampay team wholeheartedly supports. Their mission, which includes using the Paperless Initiative to make education more inexpensive and available to everyone, is in line with the GOI.

In the future, Exampay wants to be synonymous with the phrase “competitive exam preparation.” As Shashank puts it:

β€œOnce we have a big dream and the determination to go for it, we become unstoppable. In today’s world, execution and smart work are the keys to excellence. We are all extraordinary.”

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