PetsWoof Is The ‘Purrfect’ One-Stop-Shop For All Your Pet Needs

During the lockdown, when people were cooped up inside their homes, they found companionship in furry (or feathered) friends.

The adoption of popular pets like dogs, cats, and birds in India is witnessing a significant hike since the pandemic.

It has been well-documented through studies that having a pet significantly helps improve the physical and emotional well-being of humans. A dog’s loyalty or a cat’s cuddly nature can make your hectic, exhausting day much brighter.

More income, nuclear families, and shifting views towards animals and nature are some of the other causes behind the new pet boom in India. This trend is not only seen in metros but also in cities falling in tires 2 and 3. It follows then, that the pet food and pet care market is growing readily too.

There is a high demand for good-quality pet food, accessories, and services. Pet owners are more concerned about their furry friends’ well-being and seek animal-friendly and environmentally aware options for all kinds of products.

However, the supply side hasn’t fully caught up with this demand. PetsWoof, an all-rounder pet care company, is filling the gap.

The People Behind It

PetsWoof was established in 2016, and it started operations in 2018. It was founded by Akhilesh Upadhyay, Brijesh Upadhyay, and Dr. Raghuraman J.

Akhilesh leads the strategic vision for PetsWoof and is a tech enthusiast. His career spans more than 15 years. He had several technical and leadership positions in significant global companies before founding PetsWoof. He has worked in Wipro, Ciber, IBM, ITC Infotech, etc.

He graduated from BLDEA’s CET in Bijapur, Karnataka, with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science. He plays a crucial part in team and infrastructure building, general management operations, business analysis, and planning.

For more than 7 years, Brijesh has worked in the IT industry. He has previously collaborated with Accenture. His undergraduate degree is in computer science. He is in charge of managing PetsWoof’s overall operations on several fronts.

In order for the business to thrive successfully, he offers the leadership, management, and vision necessary to make sure that the appropriate operational controls, administrative processes, reporting procedures, and personnel systems are in place.

Dr. Raghuraman is the Veterinary Head at PetsWoof. He manages the Veterinary Care activities at PetsWoof and has more than four years of expertise. He graduated from Bangalore’s Veterinary College with a Masters in Veterinary Sciences.

A Helping Hand For Paws In Need

The incident that began it all occurred when the founders witnessed a stray cat die in their neighborhood as a result of an accident.

Despite their best efforts, the poor feline could not live for long. The founders, who were well-versed in technology and saw this as a cry for change, made the decision to apply technology to help stray animals.

In order to facilitate pet adoption and provide stray animals with a “fur-ever” home, they created a platform. Currently, the service is accessible across Bangalore. With many people turning to adoption through the portal, this was a terrific move.

Numerous animals became orphaned due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent crisis.

Due to misinformation concerning the spread of illness by pets, many owners abandoned their furry pals. Such abandoned animals were saved by PetsWoof, who used the internet to assist them in finding new homes.

Also, many individuals adopted pets in an effort to combat the loneliness that the COVID-19 epidemic caused. During this time, there were more pet adoptions than usual. This prompted the hunt for pet care items and prompt veterinary care for the animals. The solution was PetsWoof.

Due to these reasons, PetsWoof had a healthy client base and cash flow throughout lean times.

A Comprehensive Pet Care Platform

What was formerly a gateway for pet adoption has evolved into a one-stop shop for pet owners. Now, it strives to realize its goal of being the most dependable and practical location for pet owners.

A pet is a delight to own. However, important considerations like the lack of veterinary services, pet pharmacy, or pet care items are barriers to pet ownership.

The big online e-commerce platforms do not list every veterinary good, and there are not as many veterinary supply shops as medical shops for humans. PetsWoof seeks to close the gap by offering those in need of quick fixes services like grooming and veterinary care.

PetsWoof is a hybrid company with both online and physical stores that has its corporate office in Bangalore. The brand provides a wide range of services, including pet grooming at home, high-quality pet food and supplies, and in-clinic and home veterinarian care.

Features In Detail

At PetsWoof, there are first-rate grooming facilities highly accessible. Given that there is no need to go to the groomer and no contact with other animals, this facility is the most well-liked by pet owners. Pets are handled by highly skilled grooming personnel with the utmost care.

With PetsWoof’s on-call availability, an appointment with a veterinarian is no longer a problem. Online appointment booking is available.

There is also a specific pet pharmacy that sells medications for animals. The dedicated customer service center at PetsWoof is open Monday through Saturday from nine to seven. The website accepts reservations around-the-clock.

Growth And The Future

“To enrich the lives of pets and their families by providing excellent pet care through our perspective, products and services”. That’s PetsWoof’s motto.

India is expected to be the fastest-growing pet care market in the world, with the pet food market alone predicted to reach $310 million by 2022.

PetsWoof has been extending its reach both online and offline in a dynamic manner.

By providing pet products and services (pet grooming and veterinary care) in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in addition to its own brand of pet items, PetsWoof intends to establish a significant brand presence. The business wants to dominate the Indian market for pet goods and services.

The long-term goal of PetsWoof is simply to help pet owners. The startup is planning to include a telemedicine platform for veterinarians. The business hopes to provide top-notch medical facilities to all animals through this, regardless of where they are.

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