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Get To Know The Generation Spanning Perfumery Prowess Of ISAK Fragrances

India has always indulged in fragrances.

It is a place where aromatherapy, incense, and ittar have been used since ancient times. Scents have been used as medicine, beauty, and mental well-being enhancers, hygiene, and even antiageing purposes in Ayurveda.

With the introduction of technology, India’s traditional fragrance business has seen significant changes in recent years. With its 15 geo-climatic zones, India is the world’s top country in terms of flora and fauna variety. India has the ability to create organic fragrant raw ingredients that are in high demand across the world.

Young Indian perfumers are capitalizing on this scene, Vidushi Vijayvergiya being one of them. Her startup ISAK Fragrances is a tribute to the ancient perfumery of the country, made for the modern Indian.

ISAK Perfumes is a fragrance house committed to creating unrivaled niche Indian handcrafted fragrances with uncommon notes and mixes, supported by over a century and a half of family experience.

A Timeless Story of Scent

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Vidushi belongs to a long line of perfumers. The Vijayvergiya narrative began during the 1850s. The Begum, at that time, received an unannounced delivery of the most magnificent Lucknowi chikankari ensembles, lingering with the rarest of fragrances, tempting even the most discriminating ‘royal nose’ and making her fall in love with the perfume.

Mr. Chhunnamal Vijayvergiya, the creator of the family apothecary, knew how to seduce, arouse, and create an experience, which is the mark of a genuine perfumer. It was he who was behind the fragrance that enticed the royal Begum. Though the Nawab was the last to occupy the throne in Awadh, his patronage of the brand endured and only flourished.

The House of CMRD (Vijayvergiya family’s business) extended its wings far and wide, securing the rarest of materials and creating unique infusion and distillation procedures to manufacture exotic scents for the royal houses of Awadh and beyond.

The CMRD tale quickly became known for the secrecy with which the rasookdars (leaders) were served.

The unrivaled scent formulas, as well as the lingua franca blessed with the city of Lucknow’s ever-famous tehzeeb and nazaaqat, have expanded and won numerous patronage throughout regions.

Vijayuvergiya fragrances have managed to expand over the last century, driven by the artistry and precision of hand mixing rather than financial goals; together with a sharp hereditary nose that spans 150 years and six generations.

The Artist Behind ISAK

Vidushi Vijayvergiya’s journey as a perfumer and serial entrepreneur began in Switzerland, France, and India. Traveling through these countries, she gained interest and extensively studied fragrances. As she explored the world of scents, she realized the true global potential of India-made fragrances.

Vidushi has unveiled a collection of beautiful mixes, scents, and a meticulously curated and tailored perfumery kit, revolutionizing the industry and putting power in the hands of the end-user.

Vidushi has always been fascinated with perfumes. Growing up, as she began to learn more about them, she realized that Indian perfumery has its own distinct appeal.

People here love fragrances and yet most have little knowledge of the art form. Vidushi’s goal with ISAK is to spread awareness about India’s traditions, heritage, and the allure of Indian perfumery to the rest of the globe. She hopes that others are as enthralled by it as she is.

Vidushi established ISAK fragrances in 2017. She is based in Lucknow, like her ancestors.

Made As If For The Royal Nose, Even Today

ISAK’s essences are produced and extracted using ancient infusion and distillation procedures, which retain the richness and nuances of raw and uncommon ingredients in each combination β€” a process that is today considered excessively fussy in the age of machine-made products. As it was a century ago, each essence is still measured, mixed, and made by hand.

ISAK perfumes are distinguished by their ‘Lab in a Box’ line, the world’s first such box that assists you in making your perfume in a clear and fun way. Vidushi wants to expand her company both in India and overseas in order to popularize the neglected style of Indian fragrance.

Appearing on Shark Tank

ISAK Fragrances appeared on Shark Tank India in season 1 episode 25. The founders offered an 8% share of the company for funding of 50 lakhs. It finally settled on a deal of 50% share for 50 lakhs.

Therefore, shark Peyush Bensal became a co-founder of the company. Peyush, with his extensive marketing skills, will be able to assist ISAK Fragrances in marketing and segmenting its items, which is a requirement of the hour.

According to Vidushi, it was a life-changing experience to be on the show. She met a lot of different entrepreneurs from various walks of life. She says the network she built there has been really supportive.

How The Smell Builds: Growth And Future

ISAK Fragrances grew 30 times following the Shark Tank feature and has continued to expand since then. It is currently expanding capacity and improving its supply chain in order to provide greater availability and faster delivery.

ISAK intends to keep delighting customers with fragrances and attars while improving distribution, supply chain, and customer involvement. It is also planning on larger packaging, additional discovery packs, and new product lines.

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