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Three Friends Come Up with Agent Sparrow, a Trendy and Affordable Fashion Brand Ready to Fly Higher

Fashion is eternal and ever-changing.

The newer generations of customers have their own fashion demands and trends to follow. There is a need for more Indian brands to step up to these demands.

Young entrepreneurs are finding huge potential in this market and coming up with contemporary clothing lines. Agent Sparrow is a prime example of that.

In India, the fashion business is overrun with large companies that charge exorbitant prices. On the other hand, a sizable portion of the client base cannot afford to pay so much. So far, only these big, foreign firms have made the most widely popular fashions and trends available in India.

This is where Agent Sparrow comes in.

The Young Trio Behind This Trendy Fashion Line

In August 2020, Rohan Waghmare established Agent Sparrow. Later, he was joined by Piyush Nikose and Aadesh Tirpude, two of his schoolmates. Rohan Waghmare did his post-graduation from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai with a degree in Textiles.

Rohan became interested in fabrics during his study and wanted to learn more. He gained in-depth knowledge of the process of turning fabric into clothing. He observed some issues in the textile and fashion industries at that time. Agent Sparrow was established by Rohan to handle these issues.

Piyush Nikose earned his mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree from Priyadarshani College of Engineering, Nagpur.

During his time in college, he developed an interest in the fashion sector after being motivated by a seminar organized by R.V. Adivarekar, a professor of fibers and textiles processing. He joined Rohan and Aadesh eventually because of his growing interest in the fashion sector.

At the Tirpude College of Hotel Management, Aadesh Tirpude received his graduation degree in hotel management. Soon after, he left for an internship in Malaysia. He had a part-time job in a retail clothing store while he was there. His inspiration and interest in fashion came from the East Asian streetwear fashion scene he witnessed there.

Aadesh was eager to join the business idea for a contemporary apparel brand in India when he learned about it from his friends. When he returned to India, he partnered up with Agent Sparrow without hesitation.

The three founders got along exceptionally well because they were all old classmates. Together, they fuel every aspect of the startup they founded.

What Does Agent Sparrow Do?

The quality and features of global trends like oversized clothing, tie-dyed items, graphic shirts, and t-shirts, etc., are difficult to locate in local stores.

Customers won’t find exact replacements if they try to get the same clothing style from the neighborhood market. The designs won’t be good, and the product’s quality will be significantly worse.

Agent Sparrow was established in an effort to close this gap by providing stylish, high-quality clothes at competitive costs.

Social media and its trends continue to soar and influence. The young demographic in India is full of shoppers looking for more fashionable items but unable to purchase high fashion.

Large retailers typically charge hefty prices for these trendy clothes. For the benefit of the majority of Indian youth, Agent Sparrow seeks to continually expand its offering of trendy designs.

A Peek At The Products

Agent Sparrow offers both menswear and womenswear. As of now, you can find fashionable printed shirts and t-shirts. Designs include colorful and trendy stripes, solid colors, geometric prints, and more. Comfortable oversized clothing is available too.

The company will very soon release dresses and jumpsuits for women and bottom wear for men as well. The brand uses high-quality fabrics like cotton and guarantees smooth, wrinkle-free and comfortable clothing.

β€œWe are here to deliver clothes which will comfort you with smoothness like a sparrow and makes you feel like an agent.”

Growing Amidst a Dire Situation

After beginning operations in late 2020, Agent Sparrow quickly received its first orders. However, the pandemic, like on other enterprises, had a devastating impact on the firm.

The team had a lot of difficulties at that time, but they think it helped them overall in a number of ways. Most importantly, Covid increased consumer acceptance of digitization, which is essential for Agent Sparrow because it operates as an online store.

As soon as things resumed their normal course, Agent Sparrow exploded up once more and began expanding at a 10% monthly rate. The creators feel that Covid gave them more drive and optimism to develop their business and taught them how to endure every difficult circumstance.

To A More Fashion-forward Future

At the moment, Agent Sparrow ships more than 3,000 orders each month and is expanding at a 10% monthly rate. The startup intends to enter the manufacturing space and begin with business-to-business sales.

The creators Rohan, Piyush, and Aadesh think perseverance, consistency, and experience are more important than skill for success. We may hope to see Agent Sparrow fly to new heights as more and more clothing brands created in India gain popularity among the millennial and gen-z generations.

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