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This Is How Fashion Brand Twee In One Is Helping Women Lose Extra Baggage

Trends in women’s fashion change daily.

Being one of the largest industries worldwide, women’s wear has seen a lot of changes, but yet, practical clothing for women is still very rare. The way a woman dress determines a large part of her personal and professional life, so it makes sense to be particular about her clothing.

Every woman goes through the woes of having to pick an outfit. On trips, she carries a lot more than is required, causing anxiety and irritation. To help alleviate the problem and remove this extra baggage the modern working woman carries, a young entrepreneur made Twee In One.

A Tale of Fashion

Twee In One was created by fashion designer Niti Singhal. She has always been drawn to fashion since she was a youngster. After completing her design degree in Bombay, Niti pursued a master’s in it at Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. It was one of the best experiences of her life.

Milan, known as the capital of fashion, is untiringly stylish itself. During her education in Milan, Niti learned how the global fashion industry works.

After that, she worked as an embroidered design intern at Jato SRL, an embroidery design studio in San Lazzaro di Savena, Italy. Jato allowed her to collaborate with some of the most prestigious French and Italian design firms. For her, it was a dream come true.

In this otherwise dreamlike experience, there was only one problem. Niti’s rented apartment in Milan was uncomfortably small for her. With only one room and a tiny wardrobe, she couldn’t keep all the clothes she wanted.

As a working fashion designer traveling through Europe, wearing the right clothes was a big deal, but her condition forced her to travel light. Anxious and frustrated about this, she came up with the idea of reversible clothing.

Niti came back to India, and Twee In One was born in May 2017 in Indore.

Twee In One was based out of Indore for a while before the founder realized that only Mumbai could be the fashion capital for India. Hence, operations moved to Mumbai.

What Does Twee In One Offer?

Twee In One is a clothing line for ladies and children that is reversible and convertible. It believes that ‘less is more when it comes to sustainability. Garments don’t only change from one color to another or from one design to another; they really convert from casual to party attire, or from an office outfit to an evening look.

Twee In One clothing is extremely useful and practical. They all have a backstory that involves fixing situational challenges for women in some way.

Once you understand what has to be done, the complex designs are simple to wear and modify.

Niti is a frequent traveler who lives out of a suitcase. She now exclusively wears Twee In One, which allows her to travel light while being dressed appropriately. In such a small amount of clothing, she can pull off a variety of outfits.

The company is battling the environmental evil of fast fashion as well. You will find that its offerings are priced higher than the average clothing, but it is a worthwhile choice that proves to be more economical and sustainable in the long run.

The Creative Process And Obstacles

Niti says it doesn’t have to be in a creative mood to come up with anything fresh. New ideas might strike at any moment and in any place. While on a flight, in a restaurant, at work, or even while sleeping. When she begins work on a new collection, she likes to construct a mood board, which she claims gives her a feeling of direction to follow.

Twee In One design differs from conventional clothing in that these garments must be fashionable and trendy and useful and technically sound. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to get the toiles just perfect before a design is approved.

Every day brings a fresh set of challenges. The key problem in designing the reversible concept was to get both sides of the garment correct in terms of style, fit, and comfort. The next step was to figure out how to communicate this concept to the rest of the world and persuade them that something like this could work. It’s like magic, but it works.

Response And Growth

“When you have a brand with a purpose and see the purpose getting achieved, it motivates you. I have been fortunate enough to get an extremely positive response since our launch, and it encourages me to work harder on our designs and launch capsule collections every few months.”

Twee In One’s target demographic is any woman who wants to dress fashionably yet practically. Reportedly, their youngest customer so far is a 6-year-old child, and their oldest is a 62-year-old. Age is just a number, as Niti says herself, and Twee In One is for every experimental woman.

About 15 to 20% of the brand’s consumers are repeat buyers. It’s a mixed bag; some people buy a thing only to try on a reversible or convertible outfit, while others buy it because it solves a problem. Mostly, customers come back when they realize Twee In One is fixing some of their biggest clothing issues.

Twee In One has lately launched its UNBASIC collection, which has garnered a lot of appreciation.

Shark Tank Feature

Twee In One Shark Tank

Niti Singhal appeared on Shark Tank India to showcase her reversible clothing. Twee In One offered 7.5% equity for funding of 30 lakhs. However, the sharks ended up making no deal.

Twee In One impressed judges immensely and Niti gained a lot of insights from their advice. Later, Shark Ashneer Grover’s wife was seen wearing clothes from the brand.

Thoughts On The Future

Currently, Twee In One is only available on its website and a store in Surat. In the future, it plans to go to more offline stores. It also plans on making clothing lines for men soon.

Twee In One focuses on gaining more recognition in the future, on both national and global scales. On its way to dismantling fast fashion and choked wardrobes, we hope to see Twee In One gain more traction.

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