Chronos’ Strategies That Generated an Additional 7 Figures in Email Marketing

Chronos' Strategies That Generated an Additional 7 Figures in Email Marketing

Are you failing hard in email marketing?

Not able to garner enough response?

Don’t worry, for we will be disclosing four vital strategies used by Chronos Agency to generate extra seven figures in email marketing for a beauty brand named β€˜ForChics’. In this beauty brand email marketing case study, we will discuss how the marketing agency generated 14% additional email revenue for its client.

ForChics is a beauty brand that offers cruelty-free cosmetic products to women. The 7-figure revenue has shown no way of slowing down, and the revenue is just increasing over time.

From 5% of the email revenue of the brand ForChics, the percentage increased to 20%, which was made possible by implementing the correct strategies for email marketing.

Strategy #1: Segmentation Practises to Target the Customers’ Needs

Before contacting the marketing agency, ForChics was sending only to a couple of segments consisting of buyers and non-buyers. This resulted in only 1% of email revenue.

So, to set things right, a segment was formed by Chronos Agency to divide the audience into a section of people who had opened the emails in the past period of 30 days and another category of people who were genuinely interested in beauty products.

Sending emails to those who were uninterested in all these were stopped, and they were excluded from the list of recipients. Excluding uninterested people is necessary as it helps in saving your money in the long term.

In this way, a well-specified and tailored message is sent to the audience, and they instantly click with the idea. No doubt, you will get higher conversions once you have selected the apt audience and are well-acquainted with the audience’s preferences.

Strategy #2: Campaign and Flows Optimization

ForChics had about 4 to 5% of the email revenue generated from the flows. Though they already had the basic flows of Welcome Flow, Cart Recovery Flow, and Browse Recovery Flow, these had to be optimized. After more emails were added to the pre and post-purchase flows, the email revenue generation jumped from 4% to 12%.

AB tests were conducted to get a clear idea of the audience’s preferences to optimize the campaign accordingly. This helped in maximizing the reach of the recently created segments.

Social content and targeted upsell helped in the optimization of the campaign. Blog posts were added that enhanced the revenue from 1% to 3% after five months.

Strategy #3: Email Designing and Copywriting

Building a brand identity is crucial, and a lot of flexibility is needed when designing the email and copywriting as both form an integral part of email marketing.

ForChics was made to rebrand twice so that the brand identity is made clear and perfect. This helps in the generation of the highest conversion rates.

Strategy #4: Optimum Utilization of the List and Deriving Maximum Value from the Subscribers

The email revenue of ForChics was continually increasing each month. Once the initial target of 10% was crossed, the company decided to go for 15%. For this purpose, the List Utilization Strategy was implemented.

More emails were sent to the people who placed orders more than once and within the last 45 days and those who had subscribed to the newsletter in the past 30 days. Thus, the email revenue jumped from 12% to 22%. So, they reached above their target!

⭐Final Say

From the Beauty Brand Email Marketing Case Study, it has been observed that executing the right strategy for email marketing can give any brand 7-figures revenue generation just like ForChics.

Optimize the campaign, practice segmentation, and bring flexibility in email designing and copywriting just how Chronos Agency did to enjoy a hefty revenue from email marketing.

Acquaint your brand with the preferences of the audience, and you’ll be good to go.