How Analytive’s Tweaks Led to 78% More Conversions For Their Client

How Analytive's Tweaks Led to 78% More Conversions For Their Client

In this Adwords Case Study, we will be looking at the process of how you can mend the littlest of the problems in your ad campaign and receive excellent conversion rates.

It is the case study from Analytive, a marketing agency for a Colorado-based software development company that had a past of implementing pay-per-click campaigns that failed to fetch results.

After enabling the precise ROI tracking from the Google Adwords spend by Analytive, many errors were found that were improved to bring about 78% greater conversions.

Let’s have a deeper insight into it!

Problems and Solutions Made in the Company’s Account and Website

Low Website Conversions and Its Solution

The Pay-per-Click or PPC strategy of the client website directed the traffic to the β€˜Contact Us’ page. Though it had a form, not a large group of people filled out the form, thus resulting in low conversions.

The solution lay in removing the β€œContact Us” page as generic pages don’t bring about many conversions. A well-tailored ad copy was prepared to ensure that the messages match well throughout the funnel.

πŸ’‘ To bring about a focused call-to-action on the page, the explanation of features was replaced by listing the benefits. This change brought about conversions.

Lack of Micro-Conversion Opportunities and Its Remedy

Micro-conversions are mini actions that the visitors perform, such as submitting the name and email. These acts build trust with the customers and offer a customer journey to the leads who have not yet agreed to convert.

πŸ’‘ To ensure better conversion rates, downloadable pdf files of whitepapers were placed behind an email wall. This makes the customers convert to leads without having them contact the company.

The solution to Lack of a Tagging System to Track the Converts

The client only had the conversion metrics from Google Analytics, so a change was made to ensure the conversions can be tracked from many platforms such as Google Ads & Analytics, Hubspot CRM, and Salesforce CRM.

πŸ’‘ To have a clear view of the traffic, make everything transparent, and understanding how impactful the campaigns are, UTMs are essential, and it is crucial to track the conversions.

The solution to the Lack of PPC Optimization

It is essential to constantly optimize the campaign to keep up with the changing trends observed in the market, budget, competitors, and search behavior.

πŸ’‘ The solution lies in continually testing to find out the best bidding strategies, refine the demographics based on age to learn more about the audience, and finding out the best, high-intent keyword to get higher conversions.


Strict monitoring of the conversions and pinpointing the audience by classifying the search as per the demographics resulted in an overwhelming result. Such a notable improvement in the results happened within six months from the execution of the new campaign.

An increase of 39% in CTR was observed. This implied the campaign attracted the right visitors. When these visitors click on the ads, they are directed to the chiefly targeted landing page. Thus, the conversion rates soar to heights and increased by 78%. About 5.06K clicks and 268K impressions were the outcomes.

Adwords case study
Result Credits: Analytive

The generation of the greater ROI made this software development company gain huge website traffic and excellent leads.


It is said that running a PPC ad campaign is an easy task. But, it’s not so as a lot of experimentations and testing go into it. So, the inference from this Adwords Case Study can be drawn that a detailed view of the entire lead generation strategy has to be taken to understand the problems and how these can be solved effectively.

Searching for prospects in the sales funnel and leading the prospect to build a relationship with your brand is necessary to get higher conversion rates.