Siri The Agency Drove 10,000% In Return Using Klaviyo Email Integration

How Siri The Agency Drove 10,000% In Return Using Klaviyo Email Integration

Are you not able to make the most out of email marketing?

Are you stressed about missing out on a significant percentage of the revenue?

Well, there might be some problems that are to be solved to ensure there are no broken end-to-end marketing sales funnel.

In this Klaviyo Email Integration Case Study, we will see how Siri The Agency helped a baby gift box e-commerce store in multiplying its sales within a short span of time. All this is done using Klaviyo email marketing and they received 10,000% in return.

Let’s take a detailed look into this case study to understand the reason for such a terrific result.

About the Brand

Fauve + Co is an e-commerce store that sells baby products and gift boxes for new parents and cute babies. Though they had established an excellent online store by using organic search, online and social media ads, and referrals, they were not getting enough conversions.

That’s when the marketing agency whom the brand had contacted implemented a solid and effective email marketing strategy that brought in a significant revenue percentage.


The marketing agency discovered that Fauve + Co was sending email newsletters, but not frequently or periodically. Besides, there was no tagging present, and the lists were not properly segmented. No online store revenue was getting generated as a consequence.

A new email system was built with all its novelties. Implementation of Klaviyo along with multiple integrations resulted in a fantastic email interaction with Shopify.


Several essential flows were planned to build a robust setup for the email campaign. The automated emails were segmented and personalized as per the preferences and behavior of the audience. After the inclusion of just the email flows, the email revenue got boosted by over 20%.

The strategy involved 3-part Pre-Purchase Nurturing and 3-part Multi-Day Abandoned Cart Sequence along with 2-part Winback Series and twice the Post-Purchase Nurturing Emails.

Tips From Siri The Agency

  • Personalize the campaigns so that the customers receive a mail with which they can relate and thus convert.
  • Conduct A/B Split Test to experiment with various subject lines and then use the one that brings in the greatest opening rate
  • Go for Sunset Cleaning Campaign and exclude the inactive subscribers to only keep an audience interested in the brand’s products
  • If any subscriber looked for a product several times but did not place an order, design an email demonstrating the benefits and features of that particular product to receive conversions.


After the new email campaign’s execution by Siri The Agency, the results came out to be overwhelming within six months.

With 600% new growth in the newsletter subscribers and $5,201 revenue generation from just one newsletter campaign, Fauve + Co just kept on soaring greater heights. A huge amount of over $32K has been obtained via the abandoned cart emails.

About 1195 monthly orders, on average, are being generated through Klaviyo. There has also been a 9.13% Cart Recovery Rate.

Final Words

It can be concluded from the Klaviyo Email Integration Case Study that proper email marketing practices and building up the best strategies are sure to boost up the conversion rates of any online store or brand.

Know the audience and familiarize yourself with their interests and preferences. Accordingly, chalk out a plan and email design. And, you will see your brand generating fantastic conversion rates and hefty revenue from email marketing. All the Best!