How Fletch Digital Turned $1,250 Per/Month Budget Into $162,249 Revenue

Fletch Digital Facebook Ads Case Study

Finding a good post that shows the exact, clear tactics of boosting website traffic and greater generation of revenue is no more a difficult thing to do.

The reason is we will be presenting before you a case study from Fletch Digital, in which Sassind Melbourne, an apparel company, had only a $1,250 p/m budget that was converted into a revenue of $162, 249 along with greater social media response and enhanced conversion rate.

Fletch Digital is a digital marketing company founded in 2014 and is passionate about helping local businesses get close to their communities, build lasting relationships and achieve their goals in digital media.

In this Facebook Ads E-commerce Case Study, Fletch Digital has shared the problem that was hindering the growth of Sassind Melbourne and the strategy they implemented to bring in growth.

About Sassind Melbourneย 

Sassind Melbourne is an exclusive apparel website and features a fantastic collection of various dresses, top and bottom wear, and much more. All the products are a combination of natural fibers and timeless styles blended into one.

When the aid of an eCommerce Accelerator was sought, it was thought that social media ads are sure to boost the website traffic of this brand and bring in an enhanced conversion rate.

Letโ€™s have a look at the problem that was thwarting the growth of Sassind Melbourne.

The Problem/Hurdle in Growth of Sassind Melbourneย 

Before reaching out to Fletch Digital, Sassind Melbourne was focused on continual email and influencer marketing campaigns. They were aiming to increase their revenue by going for paid social marketing. They maintained a conservative approach and executed an automated paid social media ads service. This gave them only x4 ROAS.

That was when Fletch Digital came into the picture and changed things for the better dramatically.

Strategy Used to Boost the Website Trafficย 

The strategy was to use the Fletch method to significantly boost the website traffic, improve the product views, and filter the retargeting process to multiply the sales while not letting the cost per sale high and keeping it low.

Four seasonal releases were made each year, and each campaign focuses on a launch video that was split to a cold audience to build greater awareness and enhance the website traffic.

The warm audience strategy garners from views of the season launch video, website traffic that did not view the products, and the organic audience engagement in the social media.

The Results of the Implementation of the Strategyย 

The result was astounding as Sassind Melbourne received x10.36 on ad spend or ROAS from July 2019 to July 2020. A greater part of the conversions is produced at the mid-funnel level. There were 110% enhanced sessions from social media, 252% increased conversion value, and 136% enhanced conversion rate.

Final Wordsย 

Finding out the right strategy and using Facebook Ads to launch campaigns contribute towards more significant revenue generation and excellent website traffic.

As seen in the Facebook Ads E-commerce case study shared by Fletch Digital, a careful combination of the varied options available at Facebook and detailed audience targeting brings about enormous ROI. Pointing out the problem and then making amends in the strategy will bring about growth in the website or brand.