How Powered By Search Scaled MQL’s to 60/Month For Titan GPS

How Powered By Search Scaled MQL's to 60 per Month For Titan GPS

Are you on the quest to learn tactful strategies to scale up the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?

Well, it is time to slow down and keep reading this B2B SaaS Facebook Ads Case Study shared by ‘Powered By Search‘ on their official website.

In 2019, Titan GPS’ paid media efforts were solely concentrated on Google Ads. This had led to the emergence of several hindrances, such as a rise in the Costs per click and the doubling of the Cost per acquisition or CPA.

Titan GPS reached the B2B SaaS marketing firm Powered by Search to get things on track. The situation was improved by extending Titan GPS’ PPC efforts to Facebook. This resulted in 60 MQL’s per month on average by the third quarter of 2020.

Curious to know how traffic was attracted that resulted in a success for Titan GPS?

Let’s see into this case study!

The strategy of Making the Right Offers

A majority of the B2B SaaS companies offer trials and demo signups to the cold audience on Facebook. But this doesn’t fetch a good response because the offer is a mismatch with the area where the audiences are into the buyer’s journey.

Instead, resource downloads were offered to target the cold audiences in Facebook as it would attract prospects and be guided either via email or remarketing ads.

Using the two resources of “10 Things to Know About the ELD Mandate Before 2021” and the free logbook app developed by Titan GPS, the primary offers were made by Powered By Search. The ad was developed to flow on the landing page for the campaigns. Then, the ad was launched while keeping the new Facebook audiences as the target.

Approaching The Audience

The second stage of strategy implementation involves building up the audiences in Facebook for the campaigns, constructing ad messaging, and being creative.

Then, the landing pages were built up where the traffic was driven to. The combination and execution of the apt offers and messaging determine how well the channel will prosper.

Establishing the B2B SaaS Audiences in the Facebook Ads

Generally, a website is visited by a huge crowd consisting of random visitors, then there will be people getting acquainted with your product and services for the first time. There will also be people who are serious enough to purchase something.

That is why Lookalike Audiences (LAL) were created based on plenty of granular sources for Titan GPS. The customers’ list from the CRM of the company was used initially. Thus, the audiences were created by Facebook based on genuine customers and not just any random visitors.

The offers of the ELD lead magnet and the free logbook app had the same audiences as the chief target, which generated excellent lead quality and cost per download.

Flourishing Ad Messaging and Creative

Conveying the “who, why, and what” through messaging and creativity is crucial. For Titan GPS, everything was based on the persona of the target buyer of “Fleet Manager Frank”.

An ad was created for the Logbook App offer with the subject of “Still Using Paper HOS Logbooks?” The graphic overlay and the featured image made the ad all the more concise and crisper.

To grab the audience’s attention and make them click once, three bulleted points were listed with great detail explaining the “why”. Thus, it communicated the learning curve or a pain point of prospects and the benefit that the app introduces to solve it or simplified implementation.

Format of the Landing Pages

The lead magnet landing page of Titan GPS must have the following sections to drive traffic.

  • Headline: This very first line of the Facebook Ad has to be engaging and convincing enough to give the audience a sense of trustworthiness.
  • Signup Form: Preparing a signup form by keeping the four primary fields of the first name, last name, email address, and a number of fleets as it will lead to higher conversion rates and higher leads.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Concentrating the attention on a single CTA leads to the most ideal and best practices for CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Countdown Click: By making the problem appear in a way that it has to be addressed immediately will hurry the audience to solve the problem then and there.
  • Bulleted Points and Visuals: Creating an enchanting cover page and listing down the benefits in bullets will give the audience a clear idea of what they can expect from it.

Final Words

Facebook Ads is a great tool to maximize lead and attract an audience. From May to September 2020, the Facebook Ads Campaign run by ‘Powered By Search‘ reached 61 logbook app submissions, 239 ELD Lead Magnet downloads, and 300 MQLs.

By keeping this B2B SaaS Facebook Ads Case Study as a guide, you can garner greater traffic.

Within just five months, 300 B2B prospects came forward to trade with Titan GPS. When the ELD Mandate is implemented in mid-2021, Titan GPS will undoubtedly be the solution for the companies.

With the right ad and offerings, traffic can be driven to the landing pages by Facebook Ad Campaigns. Yes, such an incredible thing the Facebook Ad is!