How Break The Web Got 2,837% Increase In Organic Traffic For Their Client

How Break The Web Got 2,837% Increase In Organic Traffic For Their Client

Are you not getting enough organic searches for your website or brand?

Well, you are precisely in the right place, for we will be discussing a case study by Break The Web for their acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic.

We’ll also look at a strong strategy used by the marketing agency ‘Break The Web’ to help their client site receive a 2,837% increase in organic search traffic.

So, let’s begin!

About Yinova Center and Its Previous Condition

Yinova Center is one of the well-renowned acupuncture, wellness, and Chinese medicine clinical brands in New York and was founded by Dr. Jill Blakeway, a best-selling author. Its previous SEO strategy was not up to the mark and did not work out successfully as the search engines penalized it for removing Yinova Center from the top 100 search results.

When Yinova Center contacted the search marketing agency Break The Web, its algorithm penalties were magically converted to healthy and organic search traffic and enhanced search visibility. Its high search rankings have made it receive huge website traffic.

So, was the change magic?

No, not! It’s all about the strategy game played well by Break The Web.

How ‘Break The Web’ Did It

Searching the Keyword

The marketing agency conducted intense keyword research to better understand the present keyword performance of Yinova. New organic keyword opportunities were discovered, and a completely new strategy was prepared to boost the search traffic.

Pitching the Idea for Content and Development

A research was conducted to find out the most relevant and vital topics, and based on the findings, a campaign was designed so that the audience of Yinova could relate to it.

Initiation of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO was created to establish a thematic relevance for all the top target keywords of the wellness industry in general and Yinova in particular.

Technical SEO Auditing

This was done to identify the backend issues that could have caused crawling errors and, in return, would have negatively impacted the search rankings of Yinova.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis was done to look for organic search opportunities that were working and bringing success to the primary competitors of Yinova in the entire alternative wellness industry.

Conducting Content Gap Analysis

Content gap analysis of the already existing content pieces of Yinova was performed to boost the brand’s rankings and crawlability.

Backlink Acquisition

Backlink Acquisition in the publications related to the health & wellness industry was made to direct traffic to the brand, build a strong domain trust, and improve off-page SEO.


The execution of the firm strategy and an in-depth audit of the on-page and technical SEO and content optimizations proved to be highly effective.

Yinova Center witnessed a huge increase in organic traffic by 2,837% and a boost in the keyword rankings by 2,216%.

The organic search traffic that Yinova Center was striving to obtain until then was finally materialized into such an impressive result by implementing a solid strategy by the Break The Web team.

Final Say

Keywords are a significant part of driving traffic to any website or brand. As seen in the case study by Break The Web for Yinova Center, proper research of the keywords that could work well in the health and wellness industry brought about a thunderous result.

Careful auditing of the technical SEO and understanding the on-page SEO is really important in boosting organic search traffic. SEO is the key, and keyword analysis and research are the pathways for higher search rankings. Keep this in mind and move ahead!