Belly Rubs

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If you are a pet owner, you should provide your pet with the highest quality products available at BellyRubs so they can live a life β€˜king size’. BellyRubs is one of India’s most popular online pet stores, offering dog food, accessories, toys, snacks, jerkies, dental care, grooming supplies, and much more.

Find everything you need for your dog at BellyRubs online if you have one or are considering getting one as a pet. The company guarantees that its goods will satisfy your pets’ demands from head to tail and make them happy.




Legal Name – Bellyrub Private Limited
Founders – Shirin Lamba AndΒ Ridhi Verma
Founded – 2019
Headquarters – Delhi

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Pet Supplies, Online Pet Shop, Pet Care Items, Grooming Products For Pets, Pet Food, Pet Toys, Pet Dental Care

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