Nuts over Mutts

nuts over mutts

Brand Overview

Nuts over Mutts let you customize your meal plan based on your fur baby’s requirements. Nuts over Mutts is a company that provides dog food, supplements, and treats according to the different dog’s different needs. They also have different customized meal plans for puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

Their food consists of muscle meat, organ meat, fresh vegetables, rice, special lakadong turmeric, eggshell powder, coconut oil and sprinkled with flax, sesame, and chia seeds. The meal comes in a frozen vacuum-sealed pack, When it’s time to feed, simply heat the meal, cool, and serve it to your dog.

Legal Name – Nuts Over Mutts Llp
Founders – Manvi Gupta And Mahima Pandey
Founded – 2021
Headquarters – Gurgaon

Brand Tags

Dog Food, Dog Supplements, Treats For Dogs, Tasty Food For Dogs, Frozen Food For Pets, Healthy Food For Dogs

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