Clever Canine

Clever Canine

Brand Overview

Pamper your pets with healthy treats from Clever Canine. The company sells two different kinds of pet treats. The first category includes foods that have a shorter shelf life and are currently only sold in Bangalore, such as popsicles, pupcakes, and meatloaf cakes. Other goods with a few-month shelf life, such as energy bars, and cookies, can be ordered online and delivered to any location in India.

The brand’s treats are particularly safe for dogs to eat because none of their products contain refined flour/maida, sugar, or artificial colors and flavors.

Legal Name – Tiadora Petcare Services Pvt. Ltd
Founders – Yamika Damani
Founded – 2015
Headquarters – Bengaluru

Brand Tags

Pet Treats, Cakes For Pets, Energy Bars For Pets, Pet Food, Cookies For Pets, Safe Treats For Pets, Accessories For Pets

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