Bajo Foods Is Challenging The Rising Risk of Diabetes And Obesity

How Bajo Foods Is Challenging The Rising Risk of Diabetes And Obesity Among Indians

India is the most populous country in the world, and rapid urbanization, along with lifestyle changes, has resulted in a large number of Indians becoming obese and having elevated blood glucose levels. These conditions result in an increased risk of non-communicable diseases. A study done in 2021 has thrown up some worrying figures, which state …

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redeminds Founders(1)

Career Counseling Gets A Smarter, Modern Approach With Redeminds, Hereโ€™s How

โ€œWhat do you want to do after your 12th?โ€ Every teenager both anticipates and dreads this question. Everyone knows the feeling of being in high school and being thoroughly confused about what career path you should choose. Being influenced by parents, peers, and society at large, they blindly go into degrees. Often at the expense …

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Casual Clothing by Wyhnot Celebrates Quirky Individuality and Self-Expression

Graphic T-shirts have been in trend for some time and are not likely to go away. For the millennial and gen-z Indian, wearing t-shirts with quirky slogans or quotes and characters from their favorite fandoms is all the rage now. T-shirt styles such as oversized, drop shoulder tees are especially popular among the youth. As …

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dr deep lalvani

With the Aim to Build an Eco-System of Clean Beauty Products, Sublime Life Gives Fresh Meaning to Sustainability

With an increasingly environment-conscious consumer base, brands feel the need to step up their sustainability game. Various products, especially in the wellness, homeware, and personal grooming sectors, are trying to be more transparent and ethical with their production methods and ingredients. The beauty products market is no exception. The term “clean beauty” describes cosmetics free …

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Bharat Edtech

Find Out About Bharat EdTech Initiativeโ€™s Goal Of Making Education Universal

Education is arguably at the top of the list among the various things that the pandemic has changed. As students and teachers across the country have adapted to โ€œonlineโ€ education, it is evident that technology is more involved than ever before. However, technological advances can be a privilege that a large section of Indian students …

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