Core Asana

Yoga Accessories Brand Core Asana Introduces Their One-of-a-kind Activewear KSHM

Rooted in Indian history, the contemporary practice of Yoga has taken the world by storm. Yoga’s popularity has increased dramatically during the previous few decades. It is being adopted and recommended by medical experts and celebrities owing to its numerous advantages. Yoga is a way of life aimed at achieving a healthy body as well …

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Pure Paani India

Here’s How Pure Paani Is Fighting The Water Quality Battle In India’s Suburbs

India, a land with so many natural freshwater bodies, suffers terribly from a drinking water problem. Diarrhea kills around 1.5 million Indian children every year. Experts estimate that by 2030, 40% of India’s population would lack access to safe drinking water. In urban areas, municipal water supplies are a safe bet, and yet further secured …

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