Cryptocurrency Investing Platform Mudrex Is Changing The Game For Indian Investors

Cryptocurrency has become a big name in the investment scene. From Reddit to Wall Street, everyone is talking about it today. While cryptocurrency has been here for a while now, it is recently gaining traction in India. It appears to be especially popular among the young, with even Indian teenagers reportedly investing with their pocket …

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The Nexprt Story(1)

The Nexprt Story: Building India’s MSME Future

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are extremely important in the Indian economy. MSMEs considerably contribute to the Indian economy in terms of exports, GDP, and employment generation. MSMEs are India’s economic backbone. However, for India to develop rapidly in the coming decade, these MSMEs must mature into major corporations. These businesses are often more …

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Coffee Brewing Startup Trelish Brings Fresh New Way To Indulge Caffeine Lovers

Coffee Brewing Startup Trelish Brings A Fresh Way To Indulge Caffeine Lovers

As winter settles in, the popularity of hot beverages skyrockets. There is nothing quite like a warm mug of decadent, flavorful liquid on a cold day. For most Indians, a morning ritual isn’t complete without a hot cup of tea or coffee. Though tea has traditionally been the preferred beverage in the subcontinent, coffee has …

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Orchid-Tree, An Orchid Startup, Is Delighting Nature Lovers With Its Planters(1)-min

Orchid-Tree, An Orchid Startup, Is Delighting Nature Lovers With Its Planters

Some of nature’s most stunning creations include flowers. Scientifically the reproductive parts of a plant, they’re pleasing to look at, smell amazing, and even have a language in their name! Flowers have been part of human culture forever, but for many people today leading an urban life, our connection to flowers (and plants in general) …

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Clickpost - Logistic Intelligence Platform

How ClickPost As A Logistic Intelligence Platform Is Helping eCommerce Firms Grow

In response to the Covid outbreak, India imposed one of the world’s tightest statewide lockdowns in March last year. This limited people’s access only to essential commodities. Hence, eCommerce adoption exploded, bringing an increasing number of individuals online. People over the age of 60, for example, who were previously uninterested in shopping online, began to …

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Mumbai Based Mandy’s Bringing Dessert Magic To Its Customers

With the recent inflow of multinational cafe and bakery companies in India, on-the-go cuisine has grown popular over the last decade. Because of their hectic lifestyles, Indian customers value convenience, and baked goods and other desserts are fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Hence, bakeries and cafes are popular choices. While there is a need for bakery …

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