Watt Technovations - Nihaal Singh

Watt Technovations’ Healthcare Innovation Is Changing The Lives Of Medical Personnel

The pandemic has ushered forth a technological revolution in healthcare. The pandemic’s requirements have sparked creativity in the innovation and employment of new tech to produce effective and affordable solutions to problems. Before the pandemic, while the development of technological advances and applications in medicine and healthcare was encouraged, the path to public acceptance and …

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Chaika Founders Aradhita and Devanshi

Chaika’s Instant Masala Chai Is Perfect For The Busy Indian

Tea is a vital element of Indian culture, despite being introduced by the British. Today, it is the country’s favorite beverage and is statistically the most consumed. A good cup of tea is nostalgic and integral to Indian daily life. It is a common compliment to any form of entertainment, as well as a source …

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Ripon Debnath Founder Ekchala

West Bengal’s Apparel Startup Ekchala Thrives On The Sense Of Community And Empathy

The textile industry in India is one of the country’s oldest, having existed for millennia. The industry is tremendously diverse, ranging from hand-spun and hand-woven textiles to capital-intensive complex mills on the opposite end of the spectrum. The textiles sector is dominated by decentralized companies. The textile industry in India is distinct from other sectors …

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Ignatius Donford Blackstop

Here’s How Merchandise Shop Blackstop Is Satisfying India’s Hallyu Craze

Hallyu, or the Korean wave, is increasingly becoming a major part of Indian pop culture. Though it existed since the 1990s, Hallyu has become explosively popular in the last few years. In a world of increased internet consumption, it is easier for South Korean media and music to win over more Indian hearts. Though the …

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Isak Fragnances

Get To Know The Generation Spanning Perfumery Prowess Of ISAK Fragrances

India has always indulged in fragrances. It is a place where aromatherapy, incense, and ittar have been used since ancient times. Scents have been used as medicine, beauty, and mental well-being enhancers, hygiene, and even antiageing purposes in Ayurveda. With the introduction of technology, India’s traditional fragrance business has seen significant changes in recent years. …

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Kunafa World Is Delighting Sweet-Craving Indians With Something New

If you’ve ever had pita bread, falafel, or hummus, you’ve experienced the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine. But the cuisine has a lot more to offer than these renowned staples—it boasts of a wide spectrum of tastes and styles. Food from the Middle East is influenced by a range of civilizations found along the Mediterranean, …

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Niti Singhal Founder Twee In One

This Is How Fashion Brand Twee In One Is Helping Women Lose Extra Baggage

Trends in women’s fashion change daily. Being one of the largest industries worldwide, women’s wear has seen a lot of changes, but yet, practical clothing for women is still very rare. The way a woman dress determines a large part of her personal and professional life, so it makes sense to be particular about her …

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Booz Scooters Shark Tank

Booz Scooters Brings Affordability, Ease, And Style With Its Rides

India boasts of being the largest two-wheeler market in the world. Recently, it has risen enormously, crossing across various verticals. Due to environmental and economic imperatives, recent upheavals have brought the segment to a fork in the road, and it is unquestionably poised for a total change. A new beginning is being heralded by developing …

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Poo De Cologne

Revolutionizing The Bathroom Space With Poo De Cologne

The mere thought of a sour bathroom dampens our mood and senses. We all know it is unpleasant to go to the restroom after doing our business, not to mention unhygienic and likely to result in illness. Thanks to a new product on the market, this is no longer the case. Poo De Cologne is …

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Sweet Root

Sweet Root’s Soul Quilt Is A Heartfelt Letter To The Lost, Find Out How

Coping with the death of a close friend or family member may be one of life’s most difficult trials. Our grieving might be more profound when we lose a partner, sibling, or parent. Although loss is accepted as a normal part of life, we might nevertheless be overtaken by shock and bewilderment, resulting in years …

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Cozy Stay Team

Cozy Stay’s Co-Living Spaces Are A Boon For The Migrant Youth

Co-living is a novel approach for young professionals and students, who have difficulty finding affordable housing. Co-living is just what the name suggests. It is a modern housing arrangement where individuals with similar interests, goals, and beliefs share a living space, almost as if they were a family. As a result of many young people …

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Insurance Samadhan

Insurance Samadhan Is Creating A Name For Itself By Troubleshooting Insurance For Customers

Have you ever had difficulty understanding an insurance policy? If yes, you are not alone. Customers find insurance vocabulary and information difficult to follow, even compared to many other “complex” industries, including banking. People are frequently put off by technical jargon and clauses when buying insurance policies. So why are they so difficult to understand? …

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baby jalebi founders

This Is How Baby Jalebi Is Changing the Infant Essentials Market in India

The baby fashion sector has tripled in size in the last few years. Major shops and brands are introducing newborn clothing to cash in on the rising move away from the unorganized market. Baby clothing and accessories were previously purchased from small unorganized shops, while many people prefer to buy adult clothing from brands. This …

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Beyond Water(1)

Beyond Water Is The Water Enhancer Of Your Dreams, Find Out Why

Obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes have all increased globally during the last few years. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and artificially flavored and carbonated beverages are avoided. Water enhancers are a new product that is taking on the long-established flavored drinks market. Water enhancers taste like water while also providing additional nutritional advantages without carbonation. …

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GoOriginal - Fashion Brand

Sustainable Fashion Is First On GoOriginal’s Mind: Find Out More

Most retail establishments practice “fast fashion” today. It focuses on delivering new batches of clothes to customers as soon as possible. Whereas there may have been four seasons of fashion in a year a decade ago, there are now upwards of ten. Seasons that are shorter and more frequent encourage more buying while simultaneously speeding …

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Esah Tea Success Story

Assam’s Tea Gardens Find A New Face In Esah Tea’s Authentic Products

Tea is India’s most popular beverage. Though the tradition was introduced by the British, tea has evolved into an integral part of Indian culture. In India, a cup of tea has become a conversation starter. It is a frequent accompaniment of any entertainment, a source of income, relaxation, an ice-breaker, a part of the gossip …

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JhaJi Store - Shark tank

Shark Tank India Participant JhaJi Store Wows Customers With Delicacies

The Mithilanchal region of Bihar is globally known for its Madhubani paintings. Local artisans have used the unique art style for generations. But while Madhubani has gotten so much fame and demand in the past, Mithilanchal’s ‘achaar’ is the rising star that is taking Indians by surprise. Traditionally, ‘achaars’, or Indian pickles, have been homemade …

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J.A.B. Rocktails

J.A.B Rocktails Is Shaking Up The Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market; Here’s How

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the ever-growing thirst for something fresh. We don’t mean thirst for new entertainment, but also thirst in its literal sense. As we inch closer to the new summer, what you’ll ask for is a refreshing drink. In the last several decades, the Indian non-alcoholic beverage …

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Badshah Masala Success Journey

Badshah Masala Looks Back On Its 70 Years of Legacy, Plans For Digitization

India has always been popular for its spices. Ancient explorers from around the world came to the country to benefit from the spice trade. Given their incomparable scent, texture, flavor, and medicinal potential, Indian spices are even now preferred everywhere. India’s domestic spice market is the world’s largest. In India, spices have traditionally been farmed …

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