Casual Clothing by Wyhnot Celebrates Quirky Individuality and Self-Expression

Graphic T-shirts have been in trend for some time and are not likely to go away. For the millennial and gen-z Indian, wearing t-shirts with quirky slogans or quotes and characters from their favorite fandoms is all the rage now. T-shirt styles such as oversized, drop shoulder tees are especially popular among the youth. As …

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dr deep lalvani

With the Aim to Build an Eco-System of Clean Beauty Products, Sublime Life Gives Fresh Meaning to Sustainability

With an increasingly environment-conscious consumer base, brands feel the need to step up their sustainability game. Various products, especially in the wellness, homeware, and personal grooming sectors, are trying to be more transparent and ethical with their production methods and ingredients. The beauty products market is no exception. The term “clean beauty” describes cosmetics free …

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Mannar Craft

Mannar Craft Is Bringing Indian Handicraft Heritage to a Global Stage

Indian handicrafts are the pinnacle of our country’s extensive cultural diversity and rich heritage. Indian artists create works of art carved into shapes that may be passed down to future generations while preserving the heritage of their homeland, culture, and myth. The handicraft industry is essential to the Indian economy since it contributes significantly to …

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PetsWoof Is The ‘Purrfect’ One-Stop-Shop For All Your Pet Needs

During the lockdown, when people were cooped up inside their homes, they found companionship in furry (or feathered) friends. The adoption of popular pets like dogs, cats, and birds in India is witnessing a significant hike since the pandemic. It has been well-documented through studies that having a pet significantly helps improve the physical and …

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Pee Safe team

Here’s Why Pee Safe’s Range Of Feminine Hygiene Products Is Revolutionary

Menstrual and reproductive hygiene and care are essential to every woman’s life. However, many regions of the world still view menstrual hygiene as taboo, leaving many women without access to secure, sanitary venues for washing and sanitation. An estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to better sanitation systems worldwide. UTIs, or Urinary Tract Infections, are …

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Orange Figs

Orange Figs’ Kid-Friendly Baking Kits Are Delightfully Creative, Find Out More

Any repetitive task requiring total concentration can have a relaxing, meditative effect. A rising number of resources in the culinary and mental health fields suggest that baking can accomplish more than just providing delicious comfort food. Indeed, baking has been shown to offer therapeutic benefits that reduce anxiety and other mental health issues. Butter and …

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Madman Technologies

This Is How Budding IT Solutions Firm Madman Technologies Is Growing Everyday

This year, on January 16, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal stated that India’s IT sector could significantly contribute to the country’s goal of increasing services exports to $1 trillion annually. The Covid-19 pandemic did hurt India’s unorganized industry but it did assist some organized industries in achieving substantial development. The Indian IT …

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Bharat Edtech

Find Out About Bharat EdTech Initiative’s Goal Of Making Education Universal

Education is arguably at the top of the list among the various things that the pandemic has changed. As students and teachers across the country have adapted to “online” education, it is evident that technology is more involved than ever before. However, technological advances can be a privilege that a large section of Indian students …

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Core Asana

Yoga Accessories Brand Core Asana Introduces Their One-of-a-kind Activewear KSHM

Rooted in Indian history, the contemporary practice of Yoga has taken the world by storm. Yoga’s popularity has increased dramatically during the previous few decades. It is being adopted and recommended by medical experts and celebrities owing to its numerous advantages. Yoga is a way of life aimed at achieving a healthy body as well …

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7eventzz Event Planner Delivers Affordable Aesthetics

Event Planning Startup 7eventzz Delivers Affordable Aesthetics

Any event’s success is determined by how well it is decorated. It changes depending on the event’s purpose. For example, it might be a company function, a family gathering, or a birthday celebration. Even formal and minimal decorations require deft skill and a sense of aesthetics. Today, an entire industry is dedicated to event décor. …

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Pure Paani India

Here’s How Pure Paani Is Fighting The Water Quality Battle In India’s Suburbs

India, a land with so many natural freshwater bodies, suffers terribly from a drinking water problem. Diarrhea kills around 1.5 million Indian children every year. Experts estimate that by 2030, 40% of India’s population would lack access to safe drinking water. In urban areas, municipal water supplies are a safe bet, and yet further secured …

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Faheem Shamsi Wooden Twist

Find Out About Premium Furniture Brand Wooden Twist, And What Sets It Apart

India is a nation of magnificent and marvelous creative woodwork that is admired all over the world. Exquisite designs, glamorous trends, as well as superior quality, have provided elegance to the furniture market in both traditional and modern aspects. The furniture industry in India, so full of potential, has unfortunately been underdeveloped. It is treated …

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